A Turtle Came to Visit

A Turtle Came to Visit There I was minding my own business trying to get work done when Davinia and Indiana started to bark on the back porch. At first I told them to quit it because well barkign at random things going by on the street just isn't necessary neither is barking just because … [Read more...]

Students Train Dogs To Learn Responsibility

30 students from Harper High School in Chicago a school known for gang violence will be learning about Human Behavior and responsibility this summer through a program that has students train dogs. The program which is run by a pastor out of Liberation Christian Center and using dogs from Woodlawn … [Read more...]

Handmade Pet Products: Sweet Keeps

I am a proud Texas girl and like to believe I am a little different than the rest. I love God- who is my everything, my hubby- who treats me like a princess, sports- especially baseball and football, cars- mostly American Muscles, animals- my puppy is my world, and working out- I love the intense … [Read more...]

Dog vs Rabid Mountain Lion

It was a nice day and some friends decided that they would like to go out camping. They packed up their stuff and headed out to the mountains with the dog. Things were going well and Apollo was hanging out with his owner and their friends when a Rabid Mountain Lion came into their camp. The lion … [Read more...]

Police Dogs Need Kevlar Vests Too

Introducing Vest-A-Dog In 1999, eleven-year-old Stephanie Taylor read a story about a New Jersey police dog named “Solo” who was killed in the line of duty. This story, along with the knowledge that the Associated Humane Society of New Jersey had raised money to vest their police dogs, gave her the … [Read more...]

Puppy Rescued From Cactus

The 8 week old puppy found with Cholla Cactus needles stuck all over it body will be up for adoption now. The puppy was found by a good Samaritan who called the Arizona Humane Society for help removing all of the needles. The needles removed almost filled a 5 gallon container. No one knows how the … [Read more...]

Can You Trust Your Dog Walker?

A Kensington, Md. woman felt that something was very wrong when she came home from work at night to a dog who seemed to have not been taken out to do its business. While that might not seem unusual it is if you pay a company to make sureyour dog has the ability togo potty while you are at work. The … [Read more...]

Dog Hitch Hikes on Bus

A small terrier dog climbed on board a bus in Oregon this morning with commuters on the way to work. Only the little dog did not belong to anyone on the bus. She saw the open door and friendly looking people and decided it was time to go for a ride. Undetected at first as the crowded bus of sleepy … [Read more...]

Free Sample Dog Treats!

Pink Dog Bakery was founded in 2007 by Henry and Maria Lennon, after they kept getting recommendations from friends and family to start selling their home-made doggy cupcakes to the public. Since then, Pink Dog Bakery has been providing the highest quality gourmet dog biscuits and cupcakes with the … [Read more...]

Lily’s Reunion Dog Missing for 22 Months Comes Home

Everyday for 22 months Lily's owner searched for her put up lost dog posters, called shelters, searched online. Then one day earlier this month she received a call that changed her life. Her dog had been found. Lily had been found! Watch this video as first Lily's mom is reunited with her … [Read more...]

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