Dog vs Rabid Mountain Lion

It was a nice day and some friends decided that they would like to go out camping. They packed up their stuff and headed out to the mountains with the dog. Things were going well and Apollo was hanging out with his owner and their friends when a Rabid Mountain Lion came into their camp. The lion … [Read more...]

Soldier Died of Rabies from Dog Bite

A soldier was admitted to the Hospital after experiencing symptoms of shoulder and neck pain and tingling sensations in his hands soon after arriving at Fort Drum, N.Y., in mid-August 2011. Once admitted he tested positive for a strain of rabies associated with dogs in Afghanistan where he had been … [Read more...]

10th Confirmed Case of Rabies NE Georgia

Positive rabies alert in northeastern Hall County On April 7, 2012, there was contact between a skunk and three dogs in the area of Northeastern Hall County. Hall County Animal Services shipped the skunk on April 9 to the Georgia Public Health Lab in Decatur for a necropsy which confirmed that … [Read more...]

Collars Not Cruelty in the Fight Against Rabies

Twenty million dogs around the world like this one are brutally killed every year. One of the main reasons for this cruelty is fear of rabies, but killing dogs doesn’t stop disease. Only widespread dog vaccination is scientifically proven to stop this entirely preventable disease, long-term. … [Read more...]

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