Dog vs Rabid Mountain Lion

Dog vs Rabid Mountain Lion

It was a nice day and some friends decided that they would like to go out camping. They packed up their stuff and headed out to the mountains with the dog. Things were going well and Apollo was hanging out with his owner and their friends when a Rabid Mountain Lion came into their camp. The lion immediately went after Apollo. Apollo’s owner started to scream and ran around camp looking for something to use against the Mountain Lion. He found the cast iron skillet and banged it against the rabid animal. It worked and the Mountain Lion let go of Apollo.

By this time another friend had found his gun and shot the Lion knowing that something must have been very wrong with it and not wanting it to recover from the cast iron skillet and come at one of his friends. Arizona Game and Fish have performed a necropsy on the Mountain Lion and confirmed that it was infected with Rabies.

Apollo did suffer some wounds on his chest and legs but considering he was attacked by a Mountain Lion he was really lucky. Even more lucky was that his owner kept him up to date on his vaccinations so even though he came into contact with a Rabies infected animal he can not become infected himself and can go back to chasing sticks and rocks that his owners throws for him.

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  1. This is the exact reason I keep my dogs up to date on rabies vaccines. One of my dogs was bit by a coyote (we most likely walked too close to their den), and would have had to be in quarantine if she hadn’t been up to date. Have a rabid mountain lion in your campsite would be terrifying, though. Lucky someone had a gun.

  2. Thank God for Apollo’s owner’s quick thinking! I can’t imagaine the horror of seeing my beloved dog attacked by a mountain lion! Fool that I am, I’d probably try to jump in and save him with my bare hands and we’d BOTH be killed!

    Nancy (Hero’s Mom)

    Hero here ~ I bet Apollo coulda taken that cat! But it was very nice of his person to help him out. I’m just glad that everyone is OK!



  3. thanks for the story, did you hear about the pitbull who saved his owner from getting hit by the train? he pulled his owner somehow and saved her life, the engineer tried to put on the brakes, the woman and the dog survived, but the dog had to have one of legs amputaed, the other leg is injured and pelvis has damage.

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