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About Us Two Little Cavaliers

My name is Felissa I am 37 years old and live in Georgia about two hours North of Atlanta, Georgia straight up into the Northeast Georgia Mountains with my two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Davinia and Indiana. In case you were curious I have a BA in History and an MBA in Operations Management. My MBA is nontraditional in that I received the degree from an accelerated program that was completely online. I knew I was moving to Hong Kong and would not have enough time to attend classes at a brick and mortar location before leaving the Country.

About Me:

Speaking of Hong Kong we have had the opportunity to live all over the world including Florida, New York, Germany, and Hong Kong. Davinia and Indiana were both purposely bred from parents that were completely health and genetic tested before they were mated. Their breeder is in Germany and so once they were old enough they flew in cabin to come to NY to live with me (the story is more involved but those are the high level details). If I could live anywhere in the world I would jump at the chance to move back to Hong Kong permanently, Davinia and Indiana loved it there and it was so culturally and traditionally diverse it was an amazing place to be. We lived on Discovery Bay in a walk up apartment right across the street form the park – the park down the block from the school! Davinia and Indiana loved to go out and meet their friends when school was done for the day. Out our balcony we got to see the ferries and boats and Cargo ships coming and going in the Victoria Harbor. Needless to say the dogs loved it. They didn’t even mind the fact that we got to see and hear the Hong Kong Disney Fireworks every single night!

About the Two Little Cavaliers:

Both Davinia and Indiana are from an amazing breeder in rural Germany who tests for everything to ensure that it does not get passed along. They also draw blood and send it in for genetic testing and research purposes that not only help in finding and creating testing for canine genetic disease but helps with human diseases as well. Neither Davinia nor Indiana are little they actually are exactly to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Standard but everyone who meets them thinks they are little so we went with the name Two Little Cavaliers and it works. Davinia and Indiana both weigh between 13.5 and 14.5lbs with Davinia on the smaller side and Indiana on the bigger. Davinia is slightly taller but Indiana looks bigger overall

Davinia having fun at the park

Meet Two Little Cavaliers – Davinia

She is the older of the Two Little Cavaliers. She turned 11 in April. When I got her she was about 8 months old and a tiny little thing which is why the breeder decided to send her to live with us. Davinia needs a lot of love and attention and would get pushed out of the way at meal time at her breeders (plus she was a picky eater). Davinia’s favorite toy and the only one she every really played with other then to cuddle was a sock monkey. She loves long walks, swimming in anything but the swimming pool, and food. Yes she finally found a love of food though she decides what she will eat (which is why we have tried out so many different foods. When she is tired of something that is it and it is time to find something new). She loves to cuddle and spend quite time with everyone. She prefers adults to screaming children but loves to say hello to quiet children who are ready to pet her or offer her a treat. She might even roll on her back for a belly rub.

Davinia has a story to tell https://twolittlecavaliers.com/category/davinias-story. Her story leads up to the start of our Blog. While she was healing I needed a happy dog related place to be and so Two Little Cavaliers was born. The starting point for Two Little Cavaliers was when she was attacked. Our blog has evolved and changed over the years but the focus has always been my love of my Two Little Cavaliers.

Come play in the sun and roll around in the grass with me. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Meet Two Little Cavaliers – Indiana

She is my Tomboy Diva Dog and will be celebrated her 10th Birthday in September. She knows she is beautiful as random people have come up to us since she was a puppy and told her so. Obviously that makes her so. The truth is she is a really nice looking dog whose Sir is a Multi National Champion.

She will even pose for you if you tell her how pretty she is. She loves to play, eat anything not bolted down which can get sort of gross sometimes. She forgets that frogs make her sick and will even snatch them up when they insist on hoping up right infront of her. She loves to play with everyone and give them kisses. She loves little children and her tail will wag a million miles an hour for anyone who will pet and cuddle with her. Indiana is the reason Davinia started eating and found a love of food. The minute Indiana arrived at our apartment she made a beeline straight for Davinia’s bowl and ate every single piece of adult sized food in it. So Davinia learned fast to eat her food if she wanted it or it had to be picked up because Indiana would eat it instead. In the process I learned that Davinia really did not like her original food and living in Hong Kong we found a pretty big selection of really premium foods in our community to try out. Some were too rich for Indiana and some that were perfect for Indiana were not rich enough for Davinia so there has been a lot of trial and error in their lives.

We love all of our friends and followers and are so happy when you leave us comments to tell us what you think or just to say hello.

Feel free to email us twolittlecavaliers{@}gmail.com


Felissa and Davinia

Davinia and Indiana are now Senior Dogs and I am finally ready to embrace their cute side at least on our Blog and Social Media Accounts. That doesn’t mean we will not share serious topics or important information. It means that they are at a place in their lives that their world is different. So we are ready to share a bit differently. If you have been following us on Instagram you have probably noticed that we have several fairies and other woodland mythical creatures that have taken up residence with us lately. We hope that you find them as sweet as we do and enjoy this new chapter in our journey.

About Us! Two Little Cavaliers

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