Train a Dog Save a Warrior Project / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Helping One Soldier at a Time: The Train a Dog Save a Warrior Project When a soldier comes back from war, they may not have any wounds on the inside, but there can plenty of damage on the inside. Many soldiers are coming back from their service to our country with wounds of another kind, … [Read more...]

Therapy Dogs and the People of Boston

Therapy Dogs and the People of Boston You can think whatever you want because we haven’t stopping going about our daily life with what is going on in Boston. I beleive that those who created the bombs win if we do not go about our life. They get what they set out for - a complete … [Read more...]

LAX Airport Hired Some New Workers – Therapy Dogs!

LAX Airport Hired Some New Workers - Therapy Dogs! Pets Unstressing Passengers Therapy Dogs Program Lauches! The program launched at the beginning of the week, called Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP), aims to calm nervous passengers waiting for flights. Trained dogs and … [Read more...]

Operation Freedom Paws and PetArmor

What’s Operation Freedom Paws (OFP)? Operation Freedom Paws is a nonprofit organization devoted to changing the lives of people and dogs. Founded in January 2007 by Mary Cortani, a former marine with experience in dog training, Operation Freedom Paws has solved multiple problems with … [Read more...]

Guide Dogs for the Blind Honors Blind Piano Tuner

Guide Dogs for the Blind Honors One of their Own Eddie Wilkins spent the last 50 years of his life as a Guide Dog Owner and Volunteer for the organization that he has gotten his 6 service dogs from. In honor of his commitment to the organization the fact that he is still working and … [Read more...]

Police dogs from across Utah to compete for top dog

Utah Police Dogs Compete in Agility, Bite Work, and Obedience The Utah Peace Officers Association K9 trials will begin tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. at the Provo High School football field. The competition is open to the public and will put police dogs from around the state through the … [Read more...]

Young Boy’s Service Dog Has End of Life Bucket List

Please help Cole grant his last wish for Bingo who is his Hearing/ Service Dog. Bingo is dying and Cole wants more then anything to grant Bingo's last treats from around the world! Bingo is a Jack Russell service dog, trained to alert people when Cole needs help. In the first 6 months … [Read more...]

Costa Rican Austistic Boy To Get First Service Dog in Country

Thanks to a joint project with Spain's Association of Dog-Assisted Therapies, or AIAP Costa Rica has begun to train service dogs to help incorporate disabled individuals into society. Miguel Angel Signes is one of the instructors in charge of training the service dog but he is in training as well as … [Read more...]

Child Author Gets His Seizure Dog

Do you all remember the little boy who last summer wrote and published a book in hopes of raising the money needed so that he could have a Seizure Dog? The little boy whose name is Evan Moss wrote and illustrated a book last year called “My Seizure Dog” which skyrocketed to the top of Amazon Book … [Read more...]

China Passes New Law About Guide Dogs

The 40 Guide Dogs that live and work in China dogs will soon be allowed in public places in China when a new regulation passed by the State Council takes effect on Aug 1. The regulation aims to provide more convenient facilities and services for people with disabilities. The hope Guide Dog owners is … [Read more...]

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