Service Dog Has USPS Up in Arms

Ed Sattler's dog, Zelda, grabs the mail as the postal carrier pushes it through the mail slot on the front door of his house Turner Street NW in Grand Rapids. Zelda is a trained service dog and one of her responsibilities is to received Sattler's mail as he is confined to a motorized chair and his … [Read more...]

Agility Ability – Agility Dogs Help Special Needs Children

A central Ohio facility for dog agility training is geared towards children with special needs. Already trained teams of Agility Dogs and their handlers work with special needs children to help get them to interact with the world around them. Agility Ability teaches children how to verbalize … [Read more...]

Dogs with Jobs – Diabetes Detection Dog

There are so many different kinds of Dogs with Jobs those we hear about on a regular basis and those we rarely hear about or see. Rex the Diabetic Detection Dog is one of those we rarely hear about but whose job helps keep two little boys safe where medical equipment cannot. Rex joined the Mullins … [Read more...]

Bad Dog to Get New Life As Prison Guard

Judge James Best signed an order releasing custody of Chief who was set to be killed for not staying in his yard and "terrorizing" the neighborhood though never hurting anyone or biting anyone. His new home is to be the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections at the request of prison … [Read more...]

Dogs to Sniff Out Pythons in Everglades

Some of the dogs trained by Canine Detection Research Institute as Bomb-sniffing dogs are now being retrained to take on a new and growing threat to Florida's Ecosystem the Burmese pythons in Florida's Everglades National Park. Python's have been a growing problem for almost 10 years. The size and … [Read more...]

Police Dogs Need Kevlar Vests Too

Introducing Vest-A-Dog In 1999, eleven-year-old Stephanie Taylor read a story about a New Jersey police dog named “Solo” who was killed in the line of duty. This story, along with the knowledge that the Associated Humane Society of New Jersey had raised money to vest their police dogs, gave her the … [Read more...]

Guide Dog Contacts Police After Attack

A 54-year-old woman is hospitalized in stable condition following an attack early this morning attack in Philadelphia. Authorities say the intruder came in through an open door, choked the woman and possibly threw her down a flight of stairs though Police could not confirm, that the woman fell … [Read more...]

Pentagon Realizes Therapy Dogs Work

At this point there is a growing body of research on canine therapy and its potential for helping veterans and active-duty soldiers recover from traumatic events both from true scientific tests and from stories people tell about how their Therapy Dogs have helped them overcome their psychological … [Read more...]

Cerebral Palsy Therapy Dog Returned to Little Girl

A little girl suffering from cerebral palsy couldn't stop smiling on Thursday after her dog stolen two weeks ago was returned to her overnight. Millie was given to the family because she had therapy experience and the family knew that little Andrea would benefit greatly from having a dog that would … [Read more...]

Autistic Boy Denied Service Dog in School

Sean Forsyth, is 8 years old and attend 2nd grade at Wexford Elementary School in Pittsburg. He is not like other children his age though. He has been diagnosed with Autism. To help him cope in the world and become more independent he has a service dog that was specially trained to deal with his … [Read more...]

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