Cerebral Palsy Therapy Dog Returned to Little Girl

Cerebral Palsy Therapy Dog

A little girl suffering from cerebral palsy couldn’t stop smiling on Thursday after her dog stolen two weeks ago was returned to her overnight. Millie was given to the family because she had therapy experience and the family knew that little Andrea would benefit greatly from having a dog that would allow her more freedom. Andrea suffers from Cerebral Palsy is legally blind and has nerve issues as well. Andrea loves Millie and is so happy to have her back.

Millie was last seen jumping into a white car in front of her family’s home. A reward of $450 was being offered for her return. A reward that was about to climb as people from around the nation offered to help after CNN posted the story online and it ran in several cities around the US. Andrea’s mother believes continued pressure from the media and the Reno County Sheriff’s Department led whoever stole the dog to have a change of heart and return Millie at 4 in the morning.

Since Millie was left on their front porch the family has no idea who took her and no one has stepped up to claim the reward for her return. Millie is a little skittish and has some scrapes and bruises she did not have before she was taken.

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  1. I love happy endings…

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