How to Help Your Local Animal Shelter

How to Help Your Local Animal Shelter — The Really Long List

Why This Post Came About

When people find out I hang out at my local animal shelter I often get a lot of questions about how they can help out without leaving heartbroken for the animals or wanting to take them all home. No one wants to be labeled a hoarder after their first trip to the shelter and I completely understand that. I also know that not everyone feels qualified to walk large shelter dogs or clean kennels or cages. I completely understand that and want to offer ways you can help make a difference and leave the guilt behind. My goal with this post is to show that there are so many ways you can help your local shelter that is often missed.

Not Always A Fairy Tale Ending

I can’t promise that every pet you meet and love will have a happy ending. I also can’t promise that one you fall in love with will have the fairy tale ending but I can promise you will bring hope to the animals and help them come out of their shell for a better chance at adoption.

Changing Preconceived Ideas About Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

Before reading this post pause a moment and leave your preconceived ideas behind. You can and should arrive at the shelter with a smile on your face ready to offer yourself. You should, however, arrive with some idea of what you would like to do or help with. On day one there is nothing wrong with walking around and quietly saying hello to the animals’ — dogs, cats or both. If while you are there you decide you would like to do more speak up. Even seemingly small tasks make a big difference.

What About the Smell?

There are a lot of factors that play into this. A newer animal shelter facility is going to be built with best practices systems in place to ensure the health and well-being of the animals in their care. The older facilities, the rural facilities, the underfunded and understaffed facilities can clean from sun-up to sundown and there will still be some smell because the dogs potty in their kennels because multiple walks a day are not possible. Even with multiple litter boxes and spot checks during the day cats spray and even if they don’t miss the litter box lack of ventilation in older and facilities too small for the intake numbers pay the price. Count yourself, your community, and the animals lucky if your local shelter was built with best practices in mind.

But I Can’t Leave Them Behind

This is a tough one but yes, you will need to leave them behind. But you also need to leave the guilt behind as well. Show the animals you interact with love, offer your time with love and compassion, and just be in the moment. Some days tasks will fall from the sky and other days you will go in with a plan. There is no right or wrong way to offer your help and everything makes a difference. There is always the opportunity to foster once you get to know the staff and they get to know you. Fostering Animals will be another post but the option is there to use as you and your family and personal situation allow.

Bringing HOPE and LOVE is the most important things a volunteer offers.


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A quick note:

When possible links below are to sets and multiples of a product instead of a single item because the animal shelter needs supplies in bulk. I also looked for lower cost or middle of the road options to try and keep your cost down. When a product is called out by a specific brand name that is because I have been told shelter and rescues like that specific manufacturer you are welcome to check out that specific product or find something similar when shopping locally.

Changing Preconceived Ideas About Volunteering at the Animal Shelter

Use the animals’ name and say I LOVE YOU.

The shelter can be a sad depressing place and even walking in the door can make anyone sad. A really simple thing anyone of any age can do is walk up to a kennel look at the kennel card and using the dog’s name say I Love You. This simple act can really change the dog’s mood and will help you feel like you can go back and visit again because there are hope and an environment of love at the shelter. If you hang out at the shelter enough you will notice that the staff speaks to each animal in their care and tells them they love them and they will do their best to find a happy place for them.

How I Know I Love You Works

A few weeks ago I was hanging out at my local animal shelter and some boys from a local school came to say hello. I was in the kennel area helping them get dogs and puppies out to walk when one of the boys looked at me and said it was so sad and he didn’t like seeing the dogs there. I told him he could do something really easy that would make a difference for the dogs just by going up to each one and saying I love you. Not only did it change the boy’s demeanor but he had the dogs wagging their tails or at least coming up to say hello and not hiding in the back of the kennel. The boys also took some of the puppies, and smaller dogs out for a walk. By taking this population out it freed up regular volunteers to engage with the bigger or less well-mannered dogs so that they could get out of their kennel. They did have an adult with them to monitor the walks.

How to Help Your Local Shelter

Are Treats Necessary?

This can be done with or without treats for the dogs and cats. If you want to offer treats when saying hello bringing your own is always welcome. Most shelters have no preferences on treats and might even have a big bucket of mixed treats waiting for your use. Before bringing your own treats to ask first because someone might be on a special diet or the shelter, in general, might be on a special food trial for any number of reasons.

Saying I Love You and a Treat

If you are unsure what to pick up these crunchy single ingredient Treats are great and the big dogs love the heavy crunch. If you want something smaller or treats that easily break apart in that case these single ingredient treats fit the bill and so are dental bones like these approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) that way you know they really are benefiting the dogs. If you do opt for a bone that takes a while to enjoy be sure to stick around in the kennel area until everyone is done just to make sure everyone enjoys their treat safely.

Cat Treats

For the cats a giant tub in any flavor are a fan favorite. You can help with kitty oral health with these VOHC approved treats. If you are looking for something a bit more on the enrichment side you can do something like these whole dried fish to get everyone’s attention and break them apart for sharing with the shelter cat population.

A Note About Treats

Don’t feel like you need to get a multi-pack or the largest box or most expensive treat on the shelf. It is of course welcome but no one says you need to leave enough treats for multiple days or even the month. In fact, if you plan on going back to the animal shelter in a week or so you can take the container with you so you have them for next time. There is no right or wrong way and every little bit that you help out is appreciated.

Read a Story to the Cats

Young Animal Shelter Volunteers

Your own adult supervision is a must when volunteers are underage (check with your shelter to find out the rules in place). The animal shelter is not babysitting service though they do generally welcome littles that are well-behaved and want to say hello. The cat room might be more appropriate for younger families as the bigger dogs come with loud barks which echo and might scare younger children. Even with big dogs at home, the shelter environment changes things for young children.

Read a Story to the Cats

Have an early reader at home? Maybe someone that struggles to read out loud during class? Reading to the cats is a great way to practice. The cats don’t care if words are stumbled over or mispronounced but they do love the attention it brings them. Reading to the cats is a non-judgmental environment and can help your young reader become more confident. Bring a folding chair or an empty box to share as the only other place to sit is on the floor at most animal shelters.

Bathe Puppies or Kittens

Young animal shelter volunteers can help give warm baths to the littlest shelter residents. Depending on the weather and temperature in the shelter this is a great way to help out and help get the animals ready for adoption. Baths don’t happen at most intakes and are something that not every animal shelter has the staff to make happen. It is, however, a job that young volunteers seem to love to help out with.

Partner with a Regular Animal Shelter Dog Walker

Sometimes young teen volunteers will partner with a more regular volunteer so that they can safely walk the dogs. This partnership gives both volunteers a reason to come back more often. It helps expose the dogs to engaging with younger people while under the mentorship of someone that spends more time with the animals and gets to know personalities. Dogs learn manners, get better and more photo and video opportunities for sharing on social media, and even a more in-depth bio for adoption.

Bake Dog and Cat Treats at home!

This is a rainy or snowy day activity you can do at home to keep little ones from getting bored. Instead of baking cookies or cake for the family, you can bake for the animal shelter. You can go super simple with a 3 ingredient treat or for older children you can get elaborate as you want with dog-friendly icing and everything. Cookie cutters help make some of these treats extra special and gives you additional time in the kitchen instead of in front of the tv. Here is a link to our Top 12 Homemade Dog Treats it is a great starting point but we have plenty of others if you want to use the search bar at the top of this blog.

Bake Cupcake for the Animal Shelter Staff

Done baking treats for the dogs and still too gross to go outside? Considering pulling out a box of cake mix or make your own cupcakes. You can check out these 21 fun cupcake recipes to say Thank You to the shelter staff. Insider tip: Animal Shelter Staff love chocolate anything because every single day can be a challenge but they will not turn down homemade goodies of any variety. Feel free to bake up something on the healthier side if that is of interest.

Ideas for Adult Volunteers

Musically Inclined

Before you get any ideas to send your child to the animal shelter to practice their recorder stop. Shelter staff will likely not be happy to have to listen to Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over again but the out of tune sound might upset the animals. However, if there is some amount of talent and practice locations are needed the shelter might be a great place to practice your classical or calming tunes. If you are a singer or part of a choir and want to practice at the animal shelter that might be welcome as well. Don’t belt out the tunes and be mindful of the animals and staff working in the area. It will help calm the animals at the shelter and give them something new to listen to. You might need to bring your own folding chair if you need a place to sit while practicing. A selection of several songs would be best to bring variety.

For the Animals Listening Pleasure

Many animal shelters leave on the radio set to elevator music or a religious station, play classical music on loop. Some shelter have invested in Through a Dog’s Ear Series and Through a Cat’s Ear Series or would welcome the set as something new to share with the animals in their care. Donating an old boom box or two that are collecting dust might be welcome as well.

Dog Walking

Commit to a day each week or week each month to stop by the animal shelter to walk dogs
Stop by the shelter after several days of rain and offer to take a few dogs for a walk.

Before taking anyone out of their kennel speak up. If you have never had a large dog or prefer to walk puppies or seniors let the staff know. They will help identify the dogs that will be a better match for you. By speaking up you not only create a happy visit for you but a happy walk for the dog(s) you visit with. The last thing you want to happen is to have a dog pull you down the road or break free from the leash and you have to chase them.

Help Make Dog Walking Possible
Donate leashes and collars. Gently used but still in perfect working condition are fine nothing with tears or seams coming apart though. Heavy duty slip collars are much appreciated but any slip lead is great as they can be used to walk the dogs but also given to new adopters that don’t have a leash and collar with them.

Donate training treats for dog walkers to use as a reward when a dog doesn’t pull on their leash and is using their manners. These should be smaller and easy to chew treats without getting crumbs all over.

Clean Kennels

It’s a dirty job but the more often during a day kennels and cages can be cleaned the happy the animals are, the less smell builds up, and the easier to keep pathogens at bay. Some animal shelters will allow volunteers to do morning clean up and some use chemicals that they will only allow workers to use. Some shelters work with the local prisons for clean up and some use community members on probation to help get things taken care of in the morning.

Does Time of Day Matter?

If you get turned down at morning clean-up offer to go behind the cleaner of the day and get the food and water ready for delivery to the animals. Sometimes tidying up is just as important. Spilled water bowls, upturned litter boxes, food all over the floor all take a few seconds to fix and help keep the animals’ areas looking happy and cared for. Clean areas and happy animals equal more adoptions and visits.

Afternoon Spot Check

Afternoon cleaning help is much appreciated. This can be helpful in topping off water bowls, spot checking kennels for cleanliness, evening dinner, or litter scooping. By late afternoon the animal shelter staff is busy. They are trying to get everything done to complete daily intakes, finish up adoption paperwork, complete final community outreach checks, and stray pick-ups that this often gets left to the very last minute. Spot checking and getting things tidy before the very end of the day helps ensure all the animals go to bed with full bellies and as clean a kennel, run, cage, or area as possible. This is especially helpful before or after a holiday break, long weekend, Friday evening, or close on the weekend.

Laundry Day

Shelter Laundry Day

Every day is laundry day at the shelter and it is always a BIG job and can add hours of work to already overworked shelter staff.

Donate blankets, large cuts of un-finished fleece gently used pillowcases and flat sheets (check with your shelter before offering fitted sheets. Some will use fitted sheets to offer privacy on the outside of kennels to nursing mothers or freaked out ferals cats but often will not use them inside of crates/kennels. New blankets are awesome but you can donate whatever you remove from your closet during spring cleaning. Make sure that it is clean and ready to be used by the animals.

New Blankets

If you do want to donate something new consider a bolt of fabric and a pack of scissors you get a bigger bang for your money and it takes up less space to store at the shelter before use. Any color is great but pastels have been shown to be more calming for the animals. The only color to really stay away from is white as it is harder to keep it looking clean in such a rough environment.

Take the laundry to the local laundromat

This will help free up the shelter staffs time to get to a task that often gets put on the back burner. It also helps take the stress off their machines for a day when they weren’t expecting it. Freshly cleaned and folded laundry is a big deal at any shelter especially when they are working with machines meant for the home when they need the industrial kind to deal with the amount and soil level they tackle on a daily basis.

Donate to Help the Laundry Cause

Donate laundry detergent. Most shelters do multiple loads of laundry a day and can always use more high quality detergent to keep blankets, sheets, and pillow cases cleaner longer.
Donate bleach. You can never go wrong with bleach. Shelter workers use this stuff to clean everything from kennel floors and walls to laundry, and bowls.
Do loads of laundry at the shelter.

A Simple Laundry Gift

Offer to fold towels, blankets, sheets and put them away. You don’t have to be the best folder. The animals don’t care if there are creases on their new blanket they are just happy to have a place to cuddle. Folding the laundry helps more loads of laundry get done from start to finish and not get left in the washing machine overnight.

Some Not So Dirty But Very Important Shelter Volunteer Ideas

Celebrate the shelter staff

Restock the drink closet

Shelter workers often work during their lunch break or have to wait until later. The shelter might be closed to the public but they are backlogged due to a large number of intakes, caring for a sick animal, or getting paperwork ready for transport. It could also just be a busy or super dirty cleaning day and the workers need a pick me up. On a hot day ice cold, anything is welcome. If it is early morning freshly brewed coffee from a local favorite or hot chocolate would hit the spot. Single-serve cans and bottles are welcome as well that way they can be pulled out and enjoyed at a later time or date.
Energy Drinks
Iced Tea

Coffee That Makes a Difference

High-quality coffee ready to brew along with coffee filters. This is something that the shelter uses on a daily basis and if you hang out enough you will see almost everyone partakes in.
Coffee is a daily staple at most shelters as the day starts early and lasts late. Coffee ready to brew is especially welcome when inclement weather is on the horizon and shelter staff might need to spend the night at the shelter in order to ensure the animals’ safety. Animal Shelter staff will use the promise of hot coffee and a snack to ensure paved roads and driveways as well check in visits from local law enforcement. The shelter might be closed to the public during inclement weather (hurricane, tropical storm, blizzard, tornado) but still responding to emergencies. That means those on call need to stay in the area to head out in an emergency. Plus it ensures there is someone available to do the morning clean up and food/water for the entire shelter.

Throw a pizza party for the shelter staff

Donate your pizza points to the shelter staff and have pizza delivered on a random day. This is easy and can either be an in-person donation or something anonymous through direct delivery. It also comes with minimal cost either to upgrade to large pizza’s or to add some special extras like desserts or sides. Set it up in advance to find out what time lunch should arrive and schedule delivery for that day and time. An assortment of toppings and options go over well. Mix it up or ask for staff favorites before placing the order.

Help The Shelter Throw An Adoption Party!

No matter the season of the year a well planned and well-promoted adoption party really helps the animal shelter. Not only do more pets get adopted during the celebration but needed donations come in as well. With Valentine’s Day coming up why not head over to the shelter and ask if they are doing anything special. If so offer to help with logistics. If not offer to help make it a happy adoption celebration even if you start small with some Valentines decorations around the shelter. You can print the decorations out yourself and with a little bit of tape and an hour or so of your time you can have the animal shelter filled with love.

Be a Donation Collection Location

Be a Donation Collection Location for The Animal Shelter

Offer to be a collection site for a specific item or group of items. You don’t have to ask friends and neighbors to go out and buy anything new. This list is full of items that come into the house on a regular basis and gets thrown out or recycled. Instead, why not let the animal shelter reuse these items. Pick an item or two to focus on for each season or keep the same list year round.

Empty people or animal pill and vitamin bottles

These can be filled with medication to send home with fosters or adopters. Often a shelter will buy certain medications in bulk in order to save money but need some way to help get it home. You might not have a lot to offer but when you get a community together it will start to add up quickly.


This is a big one and animal shelters that use it go through newspaper quickly. Many shelters use black and white newspaper to line the bottom of the kitty cages. if possible flatten it out and fold only once to make it easier for the shelter to get it ready for use. You can also start a sign up for your neighborhood to send a representative to the animal shelter to get donated newspaper ready for use. This really helps cut down on prep time in the morning to have the paper flat and ready for use.

Empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls cardboard

Kitties love to play with these and many animal shelters will put a bunch out in the kitty room and let the cats go crazy. There is a bit of clean up afterward so this is another place where helping to clean up after playtime would be welcome.

Gently used bedding and towels

Spring and or fall cleaning is something that is on everyone’s to-do list. Maybe the towels don’t watch the decor or the children are growing up and their old bedding is no longer in use. It could be that someone is moving in or out and cleaning out items that over the course of time lost its mate or are washed out. As long as the item is clean and stain free animal shelters love it even when other charities might turn it down.

The Comforter Conundrum

Before taking in fluffy comforters call your animal shelter to see if they will use them. Some will and some will not because they know the dogs will un-stuff them during the night. Not only making a mess but a potential hazard in the kennel. If the comforter it is in good condition practically brand new make a note of that when speaking with the shelter. Someone there might be interested in taking it home or they might have an upcoming yard sale they are taking part in. Just because something is not a perfect match for use in the animal shelter does not mean it is useless to the shelter. Make sure everything is clean and laundered before delivery to the animal shelter. Brining dirty bedding only adds to the mountain of laundry.

Gently used leashes and collars

This is an item that may only need a once a year shelter drop-off but is a welcome donation especially for shelters that work with rescues in other areas so transport the animals. During transport, each animal will need its own collar with some sort of id tag. Gently used collars are great for this as they get a second life and help get animals to areas with a greater chance of adoption. Many people will switch out their dog’s collar long before there is anything structurally wrong with it. That means they might even have a collection already started and not sure what to do with it.

A Note on Harnesses

Some shelters welcome harnesses and some might not have a huge need for them. This might be one item that goes to a local rescue or someone that does a lot of transport for rescue as they often have rules about using a harness during transport or a double collar and harness in case the dog tries to bolt.

List Lists and More Lists

Lists, Lists, and more Lists

The Animal Shelter Food List

This list is pretty self-explanatory so I am not going to link to a specific kitten, puppy, adult dog or cat brand or formula. Before making any purchases in this category beyond the puppy and kitten bottle feeding formula call your local animal shelter. Some work with a specific brand and some prefer to receive some brands over others. Even if your local animal shelter works directly with a specific brand they might have a pet food pantry for community members in need of a little help and would welcome a restock.
Puppy Formula
Kitten Formula
Kitten Kibble
Puppy Kibble
Puppy Wet Food
Kitten Wet Food
Adult Dog Food
Adult Cat Food
Wet Dog Food
Wet Cat Food
Single Ingredient / Special Formula Dog This one is a little harder to shop in advance for. Sometimes a dog comes in that the shelter will have history on and know it cannot tolerate a certain protein source. In other cases, the special diet comes about because of an illness or surgery and needed in a case by case basis. If you don’t mind getting calls from the animal shelter for help you can offer to be on standby to pay for prescription diets.
Senior Dog Food
Senior Cat Dry Food
Senior Cat Wet Food

The Litter List

Before purchasing, cat litter gives your animal shelter a call to see what they use. All of these options can be purchased locally at the grocery or big box discount store so there should be no issue helping to stock the litter closet. Most animal shelters will go through a ton of litter on a daily basis compared to even big multi-cat families. Scented or unscented will usually be left up to your own preference.
Clumping Litter
Non-Clumping Litter
Yesterday’s News

Wellness Supplies

There are a ton of options out there for you to choose from if this is a list you would like to help build up for your local animal shelter. Products on this list are not necessarily for everyday use but for use on animals that need a bit of extra help in order to feel their best. Especially smelly ears will get cleaned to ensure it is just wax build up and not an ear infection. A litter of orphaned puppies might be enticed to eat using Nutri-cal. The list below highlights products from Tomlyn. I have used their products for many years and like the company.

Sterile Eye Wash for people – With all the fur flying and use of chemicals to clean the facility eyes get irritated often.
Sterile Eye Wash Pets
Ear Cleaner
Probiotic Dogs This might seem like an unnecessary expense but being able to offer probiotics helps keep tummy in good shape and help fight off any cold the animal might have arrived with.
Probiotic Cats helps keep the cats from passing upper respitory issues back and forth.
Pill Masker This is a great option because staff only need to pull out what is necessary for that animal so can be used on all sized pills for easy medicating. This product can also be used for cats and dogs so no need to store and keep mulitple products on hand.
L-Lysine Powder – Cats Immune Booster if you really want to be an animal shelter hero this will help you get there.
Hot Spot Spray Dogs

The Animal Shelter Cleaning Supply List

Paper towels
Clorox Wipes These are used to clean the office area and other areas used to get work done. If you walk into my local animal shelter with a box of these you might even get yourself a hug.
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for those little big non-pet messes
Industrial Dishwashing Detergent – Before purchasing this product ask your animal shelter what they need or the specific product they use.
Hoses this one is 100 foot. Check with your animal shelter to see if they need regular or super long length
Dishwashing Soap

The Office Supply List

Copy Paper
Colored Paper
Organizational Containers
Note Pads

Not quite The End

When I started writing this post I knew it was going to be very long. I didn’t anticipate just how long it would be and I don’t feel like it is complete. That means there will have to be a part two. I don’t have a timeframe on when that will happen but this next group of activities are just as important as this list so it will appear eventually.

This post was written in memory of Davinia the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The best bathtub kitten foster mom ever.

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