Infusing Mental Stimulation Into Treat Time #jwpet

Infusing Mental Stimulation Into Treat Time Treat time is always fun time but usually the treats disappear so quickly the dogs are looking for another one seconds after they finished chewing. If I gave into Davinia and Indiana I would have two very fat Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in my house. … [Read more...]

Two Little Cavaliers Visit #TractorSupply and Stock Up On Purina Products

  Two Little Cavaliers Visit #TractorSupply and Stock Up On Purina Products We love getting to go to Tractor Supply Co® after all we are practically neighbors. Not really. But living in the country nothing is really next door and this store happens to be close enough that we can get in the … [Read more...]

Senior Dogs Multi-Vitamins #NutriVet

Senior Dogs Multi-Vitamins Put a Bounce In Their Step All dogs need to eat a well balance diet low in treats and high in a well balanced dog food. But sometimes dogs need multi-vitamins to ensure that they are getting all of the good stuff that they need. The good stuff that fuels their body inside … [Read more...]

Blogger Burn Out and Analysis Paralysis

Blogger Burn Out is a real thing so is Analysis Paralysis. I don't mean Blogger Burn out from not having enough topics to write about or not being able to find the time in the day or even not wanting to Blog. I literally have dozens of posts in draft that I never felt were perfect enough to … [Read more...]

50 Fresh and Tasty Smoothie Recipes

Fresh and Tasty Smoothie Recipes always intrigue me. Truth be told I am not the biggest smoothie fan. I can count the numbers of times I have personally ordered a smoothie on one hand. It's not that I don't like them because there are certainly flavor combinations that I do like. It is that in … [Read more...]

28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas It is no secret that Pet Food Companies often send us boxes of goodies or coupons to pick up product for free. Sometimes these goodies are for Sponsored posts and other times it is just because we have a long standing relationship with a brand and they know … [Read more...]

Cleaning Dog Ears – Keeping Your Cavalier’s Ears Healthy

Knowing the ins and outs of cleaning dog ears is crucial for your Cavalier's ear health. Cavaliers have those adorable floppy, furry ears that are super cute. They are also the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, so it's extremely important to have a clear understanding of cleaning dog … [Read more...]

How Much to Feed Dogs A Must Read To Keep Your Dog Healthy

It's important to know how much to feed dogs. Over feeding can lead to obesity, and under feeding can lead to a dog that is overly thin with a low energy level. When we know how much to feed dogs, we can give them the right amount of food for their bodies, and that will keep them healthier … [Read more...]

Nudges Dog Treats For Summer #NudgeThemBack

Nudges Dog Treats Perfect For Summer Fun Our summer fun story starts off with another trip to Walmart to pick up more Nudges Dog Treats. This time I picked up Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Salmon! I had picked up a big bag of the salmon Grillers when I went shopping back in May ut it … [Read more...]

AAHA Accredited Means Better Care

AAHA Accredited Means Better Care for Your Dog AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association they are the only organization that offers Accreditation to Animal Hospitals and Clinic in the US. Here in the US Veterinary Hospitals are not required by law to be accredited. That means they can each … [Read more...]

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