Infusing Mental Stimulation Into Treat Time #jwpet

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel  with the Petmate Hol-ee Gourmet

Infusing Mental Stimulation Into Treat Time

Treat time is always fun time but usually the treats disappear so quickly the dogs are looking for another one seconds after they finished chewing. If I gave into Davinia and Indiana I would have two very fat Cavalier King Charles Spaniels in my house. They love treats and I am sure that your dog’s do too. But where could we find a thinking game that allows for the inclusion of healthy treats?

Infusing Enrichment Into Treat Time

Sure there are puzzle games but Indiana hacked those by the 2nd try. She stamps on the puzzle with her little paws and the puzzle pieces and kibble go flying around the room. Even if she only gets to use it once a year within 30 seconds she has sent everything flying. Cat enrichment toys pose more of a challenge because the girls actually have to use them the right way but those only fit kitty sized treats or kibble. I am not opposed to kitty treats – usually those have a calorie count of 1 – 3 calories per treat so easier to ration but Indiana has some new dietary restrictions that make those a special occasion treat only.

Petmate Hol-ee Gourmet Enrichment Toys for Mental Stimulation for your dog

Meet Petmate’s Hol-ee Gourmet collection of 2-in-1 treat toys

The Hol-ee Gourmet collection of 2-in-1 treat toys encourages dogs to “play with their food!” The soft rubber shell openings are perfect for inserting your dog’s favorite treats and the inner nylon bone for spreadable treats, like peanut butter or freeze some of your dog’s canned food inside.

Mental Stimulation for Senior Dogs

Davinia and Indiana spend a good portion of the day sleeping. Indiana can usually be found in the corner next to my desk sleeping the day away. She only gets up when I get up to grab something from another room. Davinia can generally be found on my bed moving from the blanket to my pillows and her bed on my bed throughout the day. They certainly are not running around the house and wreaking havoc. Which means finding something to stimulate their mind when they are awake is important to me.

Enrichment Toys

Petmate’s Hol-ee Gourmet is a fun way make your dog’s think in order to get their treat. Whether you decide to use the Himalyan Yaky Puff treats, that they come with or create your own stuffing your Cavalier is sure to engage their brain when trying to get their favorite goodies out through the outer hol-ee shell.

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Teething Treat for Cavalier Puppies

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies have tiny sharp teeth and they love to chew. Not only is this an enrichment toy but can also act as a teething treat with the Nylon Bone. Indiana loved Nylon bones when she was a puppy as they provided her with positive chewing and mental stimulation. After that she would hide them and find them again a few months later and have a few minutes of chewing fun. I am sure she would have loved this one if she still had any desire to chew. Though I am sure that I could get her interested in playing with the bone more if I put some peanut butter into the cutout section. We have a Golden Retriever puppy friend that got to try these too and he is loving chewing on the Nylon Bone part.

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If your dog prefers to pick out his or her own toys and treat head over to the toys and enrichment aisle the next time you are visiting PetSmart. They have all three shapes peanut, steak, and chicken leg and both sizes in stock. We used the small / medium chicken leg and peanut for our review and shared the steak with a friend. The peanut has larger holes compared to the chicken leg and the steak has long thin holes so depending on what you are going to stuff the Hol-ee Gourmet with is the one that will be right for your puppy or dog and provide hours and hours of mental stimulation.

Say No To Boredom Bring Mental Stimaulation to Treat Time #jwpet

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