Blogger Burn Out and Analysis Paralysis

Blogger Burn Out is a real thing so is Analysis Paralysis. I don't mean Blogger Burn out from not having enough topics to write about or not being able to find the time in the day or even not wanting to Blog. I literally have dozens of posts in draft that I never felt were perfect enough to … [Read more...]

Summer of KitchenAid Sweepstakes

Welcome to the Summer of Kitchenaid Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth   Do you like to make delicious summer treats? For many of us, some of our best summer memories are sitting outside with family eating delicious fruit treats or even a yummy ice cream from the ice cream truck. … [Read more...]

Raw Food Dog Food Alert

Raw Food Dog Food Alert It was just brought to our attention thanks to Pet360 Recall Alert that Bravo! has issued an alert for their “Blend and Balance Burgers” due to what is being called a short term manufacturing problem. The problem resulted in burgers with excess moisture that caused the … [Read more...]

A Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary #momentforSandyHook

A Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary #momentforSandyHook Today at 9:30am Eastern Standard Time we will be observing A Moment of Silence for Sandy Hook Elementary as well as a Social Media Blackout for #momentforSandyHook Please join us in remembering the children and teachers … [Read more...]

Dog ID Tags for Vacations?

Dog ID Tags for Vacations? We have discussed travel with your dog numerous times on our blog. Whether it is tips to follow before traveling with your dog . Or our post called Does Your Dog Suffer from Car Sickness. Yesterday we wrote about Instructions for your dog sitter but with as much … [Read more...]

Handmade Pet Products: Bax Cat & Co

I have always been a creative person, and have also always loved both art and animals (especially cats). One day the light bulb turned on, and I decided to start designing, sewing, and selling catnip toys and other cat accessories. My shop ( was started in January of 2012 … [Read more...]

Man Chokes Police Dog

Three men face numerous charges after a brawl at an Atlantic City club left two police officers and a police dog injured. Authorities say the brawl started around 4:15 a.m. Sunday after a 40/40 Club patron refused a security screening and then assaulted the security officer at the club. Several … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a Chinese Crested

*Disclaimer these are pictures from several years ago of Indiana and Davinia Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & their friend Elle the Chinese Crested. Elle stayed with us over the summer that year to attend dog shows. She is not a new dog that we got without telling anyone about her though I know … [Read more...]

$50 Friday is Here Enter NOW!

Think of all the doggy treats you could get with $50! Everyone loves cash, right? How would you like a chance to win $50 EVERY FRIDAY? Well, I am very excited that I have joined with an amazing group of bloggers to offer you a WEEKLY cash giveaway! Cool, yes?  Well, … [Read more...]

Check Out These Cute Videos About Getting Your Pet A Friend #Petsaddlife

I know that when Davinia was the only dog in the house that I thought she was very lonely. She would sit on the couch all day and not really play with toys or balls. She loved going for walks but she never quite seemed 100% happy. She loved cuddle time or any time that I was home with her but she … [Read more...]

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