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I have always been a creative person, and have also always loved both art and animals (especially cats). One day the light bulb turned on, and I decided to start designing, sewing, and selling catnip toys and other cat accessories. My shop (www.BaxCatandCo.etsy.com) was started in January of 2012 as a creative outlet for me so I could escape the everyday routine that sometimes grows stale. My shop is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my love of both art and animals, with a great final product, all while having fun.

Handmade Blue bird cat nip toy

The inspiration for the shop comes from cats, of course, and also from art and nature. I strive to make each toy visually interesting, using colors or designs inspired by nature (flower fabrics, birds, and others); simple (without additional embellishments that may be unsafe to the playing kitty), and durable for many years of enjoyment – I know how rough cats can be with their toys! The extra bonus to me is seeing how much the cats love their new toys.

Handmade Green pyramid cat nip toy

This shop allows me to be artful and creative, while making great toys for my furry customers – it’s a perfect blend of all the things I am passionate about! Currently in the shop, I also have several cat mats available. These are great to put anywhere in your home. My cats love them because they are comfortable and padded. After running around with a catnip toy, the mats are a great place for them to take a nap.

Handmade Red cat nip toy

The Etsy community is full of artists who create wonderful items, and I am happy that Bax Cat & Co. is a part of it. My mission at Bax Cat & Co. is to provide cats with quality catnip toys and other cat items that will enable maximum feline happiness and enjoyment. Watching my cats play makes me smile, and I hope that my products can make someone else smile watching their cat play.

We look forward to working with you and your cat!

At Two Little Cavaliers we feel it is important that we showcase and highlight handmade Pet items in support of the artists that create the quality products and the pets they love. Each week we will be featuring Etsy Sellers and others whose Handmade Pet Products deserve a little extra attention and we will be creating and sharing Pet Centric Etsy Treasuries like the one we created last week focusing on some really amazing handmade collars.

If you have an Etsy Shop or create handmade pet items and would like to be featured please email us [email protected]

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  1. I know that toys are important for your pet. Our dogs never had them, as they had the great outdoors as their toy. These look very cute and whimsical.

  2. very cute, like baby toys! I’ll have to share with family and friends who own cats.

  3. Oh these are darling! I have a good friend who has 3 yorkies and she buys them cat toys because they’re often small enough. I’ll have to show her these, she’ll LOVE them!

  4. My friend’s cats play with toys all the time. Even play fetch. They would love these toys.

  5. Aww…such adorable toys!! I think even the puppies would love this…
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  6. What great toys!! You can pretty much see the love that was used to make them. 🙂

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