Dog, Cat, and Mouse Birthday Greetings

Do you ever feel like you want to say or do more on Facebook when you realize its someone's birthday? Maybe you choose a picture of a birthday cake or a birthday graphic but every now and then you check your birthday's today and realize it is someone special's birthday. Here are a few video ideas to … [Read more...]

Stolen Dog Makes It Back to Humane Society

    A Pensacola man admitted to taking a dog named Peppa who happens to be a Pit Bull from the Pensacola Humane Society so that it wouldn't be euthanized. Police then told Jeffery Springman, that the Humane Society of Pensacola was a no-kill facility and the dogs there unless … [Read more...]

Stop Your Puppy From Eating the House

Control the environment. Carefully pet-proof your house to ensure that your puppy can't get to objects he or she might be tempted to chew. If it's not there, they can't eat it. Catch him / her in the act. If you catch your puppy with an inappropriate item in their mouth, immediately take it out … [Read more...]

Can Dogs Really Help You Find A Date

The viral dating video of the cat lady might have been a marketing ploy for an online dating service but does having a pet especially a dog give men a better chance at finding a date? According to several studies conducted by various organizations the answer is yes - at least the men believe it … [Read more...]

Dogs Go Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  Due to the fact that I have a few friends completely addicted to Pinterest I decided to join and see what it is all about. I agree it is addictive and fun and you can find some pretty amazing things over there. I wanted to do something this month for Breast Cancer Awareness so I decided to … [Read more...]

FURminator Giveaway Extended Now Ends 10/3

I was FUR-minating my parents dog Whisper and realized that I never announced the end of the FURminator Giveaway so I decided to extend it through tomorrow night in case you forgot to get your entries in. Seeing the amount of dead hair coming off of her makes me really glad that I have Cavaliers … [Read more...]

SmartBones Giveaway Ends 9/30

    Have you entered to win our SmartBones Giveaway yet?   Two Winners 4 bones each!   Please post all entry comments on the following post Good Luck! I know Davinia … [Read more...]

Animal Welfare League Staff Spending the Night in Kennels

Eight staff members from the Animal Welfare League's Coombabah shelter in Queensland will be sleeping in the kennels where the dogs are held until adoption in order to better understand what the waiting dogs go through. They want to experience kennel life but also see what the dogs do once the staff … [Read more...]

Pennsylvania State Representative Proposes Tax Credit for Dog Adoptions

Pennsylvania State Rep. Jesse White introduced legislation  that would provide a $300 tax credit per taxable year until Dec. 31, 2013, and would apply to adoptions from a pound, shelter, society or other protective or rescue association for the prevention of cruelty to animals within Pennsylvania. … [Read more...]

Dog Shot 16 Times Turns Out Not To Be Infected with Rabies

The Maine state veterinarian Don Hoenig ordered police to shoot a dog suspected of being infected with rabies. However, the post mortem test shows the dog wasn't rabid. Rumors about the incident say police used up to 16 bullets to kill the dog who they were told could not be shot in the head because … [Read more...]

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