28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

It is no secret that Pet Food Companies often send us boxes of goodies or coupons to pick up product for free. Sometimes these goodies are for Sponsored posts and other times it is just because we have a long standing relationship with a brand and they know Davinia or Indiana or both love their food or treats and hope that whatever is sent ends up in a Blog Post or on Instagram or Facebook in a cute post.

I recently received a coupon for the food that Davinia and Indiana have been eating almost exclusively for over a year now. When choosing the store that I did I knew that I would have fewer options and likely would not be able to grab the Small Breed Formula which was fine. What I didn’t realize was that I would only have two size options 5lbs which made no sense to use the coupon or 30lbs.

The food storage predicament!

Opting for the 30lb bag I now had another issue. What to do with the food to keep it fresh? It takes a long time for Davinia and Indiana to go through all of this food. I am sure this predicament is relate-able to anyone with small dogs. Do you pick up the small bag that your dog can go through quickly and is easily hidden in the pantry or a cabinet or do you pick up the bigger bag so that you don’t have to drop by the store again in a week.

Not only that but the girls had to stay at the kennel only a few weeks later. It looks really weird to drop your two little dogs off with a bag of food fit for a Great Dane. But how do you store 30lbs of food in a way that doesn’t take up the entire kitchen? I decided to take to the internet to find some creative dog food storage ideas that might work for us and might just work for you as well!

28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

  1. Dog Food Storage from Iron And Twine
  2. Popcorn Tins to Stylish Pet Food Storage from Knock Off Decor
  3. DIY Dog Food Station with Storage from Addicted 2 DIY
  4. Puppy Prep: Feeding Station from Alex and Ramarotz
  5. DIY Dog Food Container from 733
  6. DIY {Rolling} Wood Crates from A little of this A little of that
  7. Dog Food Tin from Tidy MOM
  8. Pet Food Storage from Rendition Road
  9. DIY Dog Food Container from The 2 Seasons
  10. Popcorn Tin to Pet Food Canister from Knock Off Decor
  11. Easy DIY Pet Food Labels from The Shabby Creek Cottage
  12. How I Organize My House from The Inspired Room
  13. Pet Food Storage Tin from Knock Off Decor
  14. Decorative Dog Food Container from Lowe’s
  15. Stylish Dog Food Storage Ideas from 3 Shades of Dog
  16. Bailey Pet Furniture With Hidden Storage from Freshome.com
  17. DIY Dog Food Storage Bin {from an old popcorn tin!} from Designer Trapped
  18. How to Make a Decorative Yet Functional Pet Feeding Station from For Rent
  19. DIY Pet Feeding Station from Creative Dominican
  20. 2 Simple DIYs for Pet Food Storage from The House Down the Lane
  21. Simple DIY Dog Food & Treat Storage Idea from Nifty Mom
  22. Even More Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

    When you are really little like our friend Chuy the Chihuahua from from Irresistible Pets sometimes you can get away with the 5lb bag. Of course he needs something to store his food and treats in. Check this out

  23. DIY Pet Treat Mason Jars. PS. Davinia sends kisses for sharing the idea with us!
  24. Make Your own Dog Food Storage, Creative DIY Dog Food Storage from Creative Home
  25. How to use FrogTape to make customized pet food container from Staying Closet Home
  26. Wood Pallet Dog Food Bowl with Storage from Pallets Ideas
  27. DIY Pet Station, Pet Supplies Storage & Organization from Creative Home
  28. Pet Food Storage Bin Thrift Store Copper Tin from Domestically Speaking
  29. DIY Dog Food Dispenser from Wilker Do’s

Which creative dog food storage idea did I choose?

I opted to go with the old popcorn tin. Sitting on a shelf collecting dust I happened to have a cute pop corn tin with puppies gathering around Santa. I figured it would work until I had a chance to paint it and make it special. Eventually I want to make it a little less holiday themed and more everyday themed but it certainly works to help keep their food sealed up and in a manageable amount.

28 Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas

Which of these Creative Dog Food Storage Ideas is your favorite?

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  1. I think the Mason Jars can be tricky. My son might think that those are cookies!

  2. I love the clear containers with the little dogs on top, so cute! I use a lot of baskets for kitchen stuff which is good for treat bags, bones & such. For kibble I use a plastic container with screw on lid. I really need a bigger one but I don’t have the floor space.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them
    Cathy Armato recently posted..DIY Frozen Yogurt Peanut Butter Dog TreatsMy Profile

  3. These are all really adorable. I love the “bark” and “meow” glass containers. All of these are great ways to keep the pet food without it looking cluttered. They actually look pretty classy!

  4. What a great round up. Thanks for including our mason jars. Chuy sends kisses back!

  5. Wow! That’s a whole lot of list of dog food storage ideas to choose from! I like the jars with pet figures on top.

  6. That’s a good list of innovative storage ideas! The mason jar idea looks cool.

  7. Really adorable. This list is amazing. =)

  8. I prefer the one with the word “tasty” painted on it. Yeah.. the issue with these large bags of kibbles is how to maintain its freshness. What we do is we never transfer the kibbles to other containers. We just reseal the sacks and put the whole thing inside a drum with a tight seal. (How I wish I could post a photo here in the comments.. lol!)
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