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Eggs for dogs


Looking for a simple yet nutritious treat for your dog? This weeks edition of Cooking for Dogs we are going to discuss eggs. Dogs love eggs and eggs have just what dogs need, protein and fat to keep their bodies going whether it is hot or cold out. Eggs in our house more then a lick is a new thing as it used to give Davinia an upset stomach so it was never on the menu. I guess just like with people as a dog ages they have different tastes and needs and she now gulp down eggs with a wagging tail.

Here are some of Davinia and Indiana’s favorite cooking for dogs egg recipes:


scrambled eggs in the microwave for dogs

Scrambled eggs in the microwave
1 egg (this is either per dog if it is a meal or 1 egg split if it is a treat)
garlic powder
slice of cheese (optional)

crack eggs in microwave safe container. Beat and add in just enough water so it all looks even. Garlic powder to taste. Rip cheese slice for quicker cooking. Put in microwave on high for 1 minute per egg or 1 minute for the first egg and 30 seconds for each additional egg. Let cool and add some water to the cooled eggs and serve.

 eggs with vegetables for dogs

Scrambled Eggs with Vegetables or fruit
1 egg per dog
garlic powder
oil for pan
any vegetable you have in the house either fresh cut or left from dinner last night cut into small chunks (no onions)
fruit (optional)
slice of cheese (optional)

Cook on the stove like you would cook your own egg breakfast no need to make this a fancy omelet your dog doesn’t care Trust me. They are just happy for the special treat. Some ideas for vegetables (broccoli, tomato, pieces of left over potato, Zucchini, carrots, peppers) you can also add in some older fruit the family is done with. Fruit adds much needed vitamins and minerals to your dogs diet  (banana, apple, strawberry).


eggs in a basket for dogs

Sunny Side up Egg in a piece of bread

1 egg per dog
1 slice of sandwich bread per dog
Oil for pan
Cut a circle out of the piece of bread crack egg into center of bread. You can either dis-guard the piece of bread you cut out or put it back on top of the egg. Or it can be cooked on the side completely up to you. You should use some sort of oil so that the bread and egg do not stick to the pan and you can flip it over and cook the egg on both sides. Cooking the egg so that it is still liquid in the center. Your dog will love it if you cut the bread once everything is cooked so that the egg breaks and soaking into the bread.


Egg shells can be crushed and added to the scrambled eggs as they are cooking or can be put on top of their regular food. Egg shells are an amazing source of pure calcium for people and dogs. Just remember if you put some egg shells in the eggs when you make them for your dogs you will want to remember not to have any of the eggs or you will find them rather crunchy it will not harm you but will be an unwelcome surprise. They can however be ground up into powder and put into your own food or into your dogs food if they reject bigger pieces.


Davinia and Indiana need some sort of carbohydrate to accompany the egg if they get a whole one in a serving. Generally some bread or potato or cereal and they are fine but you can certainly use some  left over pasta or oatmeal.

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  1. Kolchak & Jodi says

    Koly & Fe LOVE eggs for breakfast and we save all our egg shells for them. Just make sure you give the outside of the eggs a quick wash in warm water with dish soap. You know where eggs come from, there’s no guarantee they are clean!

  2. Karen Schlabach says

    Whenever I forgot to get their breakfast out of the freezer, we have scrambled eggs. They LOVE them…even better than their normal breakfast!

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