Police Dogs Need Kevlar Vests Too

Introducing Vest-A-Dog In 1999, eleven-year-old Stephanie Taylor read a story about a New Jersey police dog named “Solo” who was killed in the line of duty. This story, along with the knowledge that the Associated Humane Society of New Jersey had raised money to vest their police dogs, gave her the … [Read more...]

Guide Dog Contacts Police After Attack

A 54-year-old woman is hospitalized in stable condition following an attack early this morning attack in Philadelphia. Authorities say the intruder came in through an open door, choked the woman and possibly threw her down a flight of stairs though Police could not confirm, that the woman fell … [Read more...]

Pentagon Realizes Therapy Dogs Work

At this point there is a growing body of research on canine therapy and its potential for helping veterans and active-duty soldiers recover from traumatic events both from true scientific tests and from stories people tell about how their Therapy Dogs have helped them overcome their psychological … [Read more...]

Paws 4 Thor Help Thor Get His Service Dog

Little Thor needs our help to get the Autism Service Dog he so desperately needs in his life. With the help of friends, relatives, and strangers they have already raised the $13,000 necessary to bring a dog from 4 Paws for Ability into Thor's life. The date is set for them to go and pick up their … [Read more...]

Kroger and Milk Bone Sponsor Cerebral Palsy Service Dog

  Milk Bone has donated between 30 and 50 service dogs to people each year for the past 14 years. Kroger has now partnered with Milk Bone to sponsor a service dog for 10 more people in need per year. People who receive the service dogs look at them as a living breathing tool to gain more … [Read more...]

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