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Paws 4 Thor

Little Thor needs our help to get the Autism Service Dog he so desperately needs in his life. With the help of friends, relatives, and strangers they have already raised the $13,000 necessary to bring a dog from 4 Paws for Ability into Thor’s life. The date is set for them to go and pick up their dog but in order for that to happen they need to fly out to where the dog and its trainers are located and spend a few weeks learning how to live with and use the service dog properly. This all takes a lot of money and Thor’s family is reaching out again to ask for help so they can finally meet their ” Miracle”

Thor, was a bright baby. By 15 months he could use short sentences and had an extensive vocabulary for his age. When he was about 18 months, Thor slowly regressed to non-verbal and showed signs of aggression, self injury, and severe anxiety. Thor was diagnosed on April 14th, 2011 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, and extreme Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

How will a service dog help?
A service dog would allow Thor the ability to have more freedom in public by having him tethered to the dog and being able to walk along side the dog, rather than being carried or strapped in a stroller. A service dog would also be able to track and retrieve Thor if he were to get away from his family, comfort him when he is upset or having a meltdown, and keep him from dangerous activities and bad behaviors. Right now because of Thor’s destructive behavior he has to wear a helmet both at home and in public which singles him out as a child with a disability. Having a service dog would give his mother the ability to not be constantly watching her son every second of every day.

4 Paws for Ability takes a child with Autism and all the difficulties they have with verbalization, communication, and social relationships and pairs them with a well trained service dog specifically trained to meet their unique needs; to create a consistency in the child’s life as their dogs go every where that they go, even within places of public accommodation, and the educational system bringing along with them: consistency, stability, and calm reassurance that the feelings of anxiety or fear are not needed because their trusted buddy is by their side.

This is the plea from Thor’s mother to help her baby get the service dog he desperately needs.

I’m a single mother to a 3 year old boy with severe disabilities: Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Extreme Anxiety. He’s been approve for an Autism Service Dog through I’ve raised the $13,000 for the dog, but now need almost $10,000 to travel for 2 weeks to train with and get his service dog in August 2012. We live in Quesnel, BC (north-west Canada) and his Service Dog is in Xenia, Ohio.

Please repost to your walls, groups, pages, twitter etc. We have less than 6 months to make this happen and need YOUR HELP ♥

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  1. Felissa, thanks for sharing this. I didn’t realize that there were autism dog service animals. I shared!

  2. L.D. pegram Boyle says:

    A dog for a autism child may be good or my not be good. What about the dog and how it is treated by this child? With autism,children need lots of suppervision at all times.I do hope this works out for the little boy and dog. Dogs should not be full time babysitters.

    • Erin @ PAWS 4 THOR says:

      You can read more info about Service Dogs from the official website – – Autism Service Dogs are not babysitters. And it will never be left alone with my 3 year old son…I wouldn’t leave him alone without a dog, why would I leave him alone with one?

  3. The comment above mine is silly… as someone WITH A SERVICE DOG MYSELF… I can assure you these dogs are not ‘trained babysitters’… that is extremely offensive to even suggest. Your comment comes from an uneducated view point of service animals. Having a ‘pet’ is a completely different experience then having a properly trained service animal for both children and adults alike. As a disabled person, an animal lover and a human being, I am offend by that comment and embarrassed for you for voicing it in a forum where this child’s family is seeking help for their child, not a plaything or babysitter.
    I will pass, forward and share this link for the blog owner in the hopes that this child and his family can experience the wonderful rewards a service animal provides and the great home their soon to have dog will be placed in.

  4. This is a great idea and I loved reading it! I agree with Grandma Juice on this one!

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