Therapy Dogs and the People of Boston

Therapy Dogs and the People of Boston

Therapy Dogs Boston

You can think whatever you want because we haven’t stopping going about our daily life with what is going on in Boston. I beleive that those who created the bombs win if we do not go about our life. They get what they set out for – a complete disruption to our lives. It is not that I don’t care or am not aware of what is going on but I feel we need to show the people of Boston that we will be strong for them. We will show that no act will make us fall apart. I am not comparing Boston to NYC on 9/11 but I did live through 9/11 as a college student in Midtown Manhattan. In fact I was in class. Yes I was in school as the news that the World Trade center was struck by an airplane started making its way across the country. My University made a decision that it was safer for us to be in the school building then in our dorms or out on the streets of Midtown Manhattan. While schools across the country were being dismissed early or never opened for the day, our professors were taking attendance. While the fire trucks, ambulance, and blacked out SUV were going the wrong way down a one way street our school was open. We were all in shock and nothing made any sense. The truth was the safest place for us was in class considering the fact that one of our dorms was in a path of the Empire State Building which was under constant bomb threat and kept having to be evacuated. That meant that all of our school building had to be evacuated. When the only vehicles going down the street in Midtown Manhattan were rescue vehicles on 9/12 we had class, school was open and in session.

About a week later I flew back home and the worst part for me was seeing that people stopped their lives in some sort of show of solidarity to what those in NYC were going through. It made no sense to me. Those living, working, and learning in NYC just wanted to figure out how we could get back to normal how we could get our lives back. I will not pretend to know what people in Boston are going through. I will not sit glued to the tv while their city s in lock down. They, their families, and friends will remain in my thoughts and I will be horrified about what has taken place there this week. We can mourn with those who have lost a loved one and be there for those whose lives will never be the same again. But to stop tells those who want to cause terror in people that they win that we are too afraid or paralyzed to go on.

Thank goodness I don’t have to try to explain to a young child what they are seeing on the news are hearing at school. I don’t have to explain that there are bad people in the world who want to hurt others. I don’t have to explain that some people don’t like the way we live or think and that this is the way they show that – by hurting and killing innocent people. To all of the parents out there who have to try and talk to their children about what is going on know that around the country and the world other parents are trying to figure out how to explain these unthinkable acts to their children.
Davinia and Indiana are blissfully ignorant about what is going on

To all of the trained Therapy dogs, their owners, and handlers helping the people of Boston we know you are working hard to help bring hope and strength to those most in need. Your loving kisses, your soft coats, just sitting there and listening not judging interrupting, or needing anything just listening to those in pain in helping more then you will ever know. Your training as Therapy Dogs and Handlers is needed most when we are suffering the most when people just want to curl under the covers and never come out again you go straight towards those in need and help them.

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  1. Very well said, life must go on we can’t allow the terrorists to think they’ve won.

    Our thought are with the people of Boston.

    Take care Sheba.
    Sheba’s life story. recently posted..Today’s Walk.My Profile

  2. Therapy dogs are very much appreciated by people who are sick or injured. BJ was a therapy dog; we went to a nursing home. BJ was a therapy dog the minute he came to live with me He was a therapy dog for me and saved me.

  3. therapy dogs are great. i used to have a therapy dog visit the special ed class i teach and the children benefitted so much

    urban hounds

  4. Jessica Sala says

    Happy to know the therapy dogs are there 🙂 This one hit very close to home for me…My grandparents live about 5 blocks from the scene 🙁

  5. Therapy dogs enrich our lives and really do more then most people think. I shared this article on my facebook page.
    I have a therapy dog, a little Maltese named Whirly – you can see him wearing my dog clothes on Whirly Dog Supplies – .
    he brings so much inspiration to me daily, without him life wouldn’t be the same. his listening, his kisses, and his smiles comfort me in so many ways, physically and mentally!
    Thanks so much for this post!
    much love from –
    paul and Whirly
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