Child Author Gets His Seizure Dog

Evan Moss and Seizure Dog Mindy

Photo Tom Jackman - The Washington Post

Do you all remember the little boy who last summer wrote and published a book in hopes of raising the money needed so that he could have a Seizure Dog? The little boy whose name is Evan Moss wrote and illustrated a book last year called “My Seizure Dog” which skyrocketed to the top of Amazon Book sales when word of his cause went viral and people everywhere bought his book. His goal at the time was to raise $13,000 to buy a service dog to help with his severe epilepsy. With Evan’s book at the top of Amazon book list, sold out book signings and public support from everywhere, he raised an unbelievable $45,000, enough to buy service dogs for himself and seven other children in need of a service dog. That is 7 other families who will be able to get assistance when their own fundraising efforts are tapped out and would otherwise have had to wait years to figure out a way to raise the money necessary.

Finally after a year’s wait last month, Evan and his family traveled to Xenia, Ohio, to be trained in how to handle Mindy, their new seizure dog, is able to detect seizures in advance and notify Evan and his family so they can take measures to ensure his safety during an episode. Mindy the seizure dog can pick up a scent that provides warning that a seizure is coming as much as five hours before a grand mal seizure (20 minutes before a small seizure). A seizure dog is also trained to help navigate crowds and provide soothing support by placing their head in their handler’s lap which calms them and keeps stress to a minimum.

Evan needs to have a Seizure Dog in his life so that he can become more independent and his parents can sleep through the night without having to constantly have to monitor him for seizures. Evan was born with tuberous sclerosis complex, which resulted in 300 to 400 seizures a month. Brain surgery at age 4 stopped the small seizures, but he began to have longer and more serious seizures. His parents immersed themselves not only in the literature of epilepsy, but the culture trying to figure out how they could help their own son as well as other families around the world who are trying to care for children like him. Rob Moss, Evan’s father created a Web site called Seizure Tracker, which helps parents monitor their child’s seizures and share data with doctors and other health care providers. Lisa Moss joined the board of the Epilepsy Foundation and is working full time for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance.

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  1. I will definitely check this out. I have seizures and my Bichon is very in tune with when they are going to happen. He is my little protector.

  2. That’s awesome! Of course in a perfect world I would hope that he wouldn’t have to deal with seizures at all, especially at so young an age. But I’m so glad he got his seizure dog and was able to help so many other kids too 🙂

  3. Wow, animals are so amazing! I didn’t know you could train a dog to pick up on seizures so far ahead of time. That’s incredible! So happy for this little boy and the seven other families he was able to provide for… what a hero!

  4. Now, you know this made me a teary!!!
    I’d be lost without my service dog. I’m sure his is making such a HUGE difference in his life! And how awesome is he for donating the rest of the $$???!!!

  5. Renee Hutchinson says

    My son got the 3rd seizure alert dog to come to IL in 1996. I would highly recommend for anyone who has uncontrolled or severe Epilepsy

  6. Oh my goodness, this just warms my heart!
    Aren’t animals amazing?? And how wonderful for that young man to feel safer with his seizure dog! Thanks so much for sharing!
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