Guide Dogs for the Blind Honors Blind Piano Tuner

Guide Dogs for the Blind Honors One of their Own

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Eddie Wilkins spent the last 50 years of his life as a Guide Dog Owner and Volunteer for the organization that he has gotten his 6 service dogs from. In honor of his commitment to the organization the fact that he is still working and actively using guide dogs his first came to live with him in 1962 – as well as his volunteer efforts (as a fundraiser and speaker for the organization) a ceremony was held for him. Mr. Wilkins was not born blind he became blind as a teenager and feels because he did have sight that he knows what things look like and can picture then in his head where someone who was blind from birth cannot do that and has more of a disadvantage.

Mr Wilkins still keeps himself busy by working as a piano tuner, as well as producing CDs of classical music which are sold to raise money for Guide Dogs. He said that despite what people believe being blind did not necessarily give him an advantage as a piano tuner it doesn’t automatically make his ears that much better at hearing then a sighted person. He says a blind person still must train their ears like anyone else in order to be a piano tuner and not just a pianist.

He is very thankful for Guide Dogs for the Blind and the work they do with the dogs to train them so they can help him lead a more independent life. He says that his life would be very difficult without a Guide Dog to help him in modern times and that when he got his first guide dog Sprite (the two are in the picture above) it easier to get around without one. Mr. Wilkins says his favorite audience to go out and speak with about Guide Dogs for the Blind is children because they ask the best questions.

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