Puppy Rescued From Cactus

The 8 week old puppy found with Cholla Cactus needles stuck all over it body will be up for adoption now. The puppy was found by a good Samaritan who called the Arizona Humane Society for help removing all of the needles. The needles removed almost filled a 5 gallon container. No one knows how the … [Read more...]

Theft of Pet Store Puppies on The Rise

Without a doubt we are completely against Pet Stores that sell puppies or kittens. We are even more against the places that these puppies and kittens come from. Puppy Mills / Puppy Farms are the worst of the worst and a place of basically torture for the dogs that have to live their lives there. … [Read more...]

Puppy Training Tips with the Disney Buddies – Stay

For those of you who love the Disney Buddy movies you are in luck Disney’s "Treasure Buddies" is available on Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack and Digital on January 31!!!! This movie looks like so much fun and I am super excited to tell you that we will be giving away THREE copies of the movie really … [Read more...]

Dog Warden Charged with Animal Cruelty Over Death of a Dog and Her 11 Puppies

Randy Mustard is accused of ordering a volunteer at the Pike County Ohio Dog Pound putting live (supposedly euthanized) puppies in a trash bag with their dead mother. On Tuesday afternoon, authorities were called to the Pike County Dog Pound when a woman reported hearing whimpering coming from a … [Read more...]

Irish Setter Gives Birth to 15 Puppies

I had to share this because Irish Setters are at the very top of my wish list for big dogs. It was literally love at first sight and if Indiana hadn't still been a puppy when I saw them the first time in person at an Obedience / Rally / Agility event I went to years ago this blog might be called Two … [Read more...]

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