Theft of Pet Store Puppies on The Rise

puppy mill puppy

Without a doubt we are completely against Pet Stores that sell puppies or kittens. We are even more against the places that these puppies and kittens come from. Puppy Mills / Puppy Farms are the worst of the worst and a place of basically torture for the dogs that have to live their lives there.

We think that they should no longer be allowed to sell puppies or kitens in this manner that doesn’t mean that we condone the theft of animals from these locations. Whether it is a matter of greed because the thief thinks the store is overcharging for the puppies or they are stealing them to them sell to unsuspecting people it really doesn’t matter. While the puppies being sold by these stores are a money making business they also know that in order for people to purchase one that they have to keep them at least semi healthy and fed while they are in their care. When they are stolen and then become something for the thief to make money from are they treated any differently then they would say a stolen tv or stolen car. How are these very young, very small, innocent puppies treated after they are stolen.

Case in point with one of the recent thefts the store owner said the puppy was so young and so small that it required SIX meals a day in order to not become hypoglycemic, develop dangerously high blood pressure or become dehydrated, which leads to kidney and liver failure. A puppy that young and unable to regulate its body should not be at the store to be sold i the first place. Any puppy you bring into your house should be able to do just fine on 3 meals a day plus some tiny little treats (but would probably be just fine without the treats.) So now what happens to these puppies that are stolen. Are the people actually taking care of them and giving them the home and care that they need or are they sold to the highest bidder via Craigslist or the local paper and never seen again. In which case as bad as I feel saying it the puppies are better off in the store awaiting someone to take them home who will love and care for them then off somewhere with people who are treating the puppy like they would a stolen tv.

In some cases the thieves are found with the puppy still in their possession are turned back over to the store and taken to see a veterinarian to make sure they are healthy. Other times like in the case of the two 15 year old boys that were recently arrested in NY for stealing a tiny little Yorkie they dog has still not been recovered and the boys refuse to talk and let authorities know where the puppy is. No matter how cute the puppies at the pet store or how over priced you may think they are is no excuse for stealing them.

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