Dog Warden Charged with Animal Cruelty Over Death of a Dog and Her 11 Puppies

Dog warden Randy Mustard faces 11 animal cruelty charges

Randy Mustard is accused of ordering a volunteer at the Pike County Ohio Dog Pound putting live (supposedly euthanized) puppies in a trash bag with their dead mother. On Tuesday afternoon, authorities were called to the Pike County Dog Pound when a woman reported hearing whimpering coming from a trash bag. The woman opened the bag and found a dead female dog and her 11 puppies inside, some still alive.

According to the dog warden he had to euthanize the week and a half old puppies because when he got into work on Tuesday morning the mother was already dead and the puppies were starving. The dog warden apparently had not been into the pound since Friday leaving the dogs inside to fend for themselves. Question is who was supposed to be caring for and feeding the dogs while the dog warden was not there and shouldn’t they have seen the dead mother dog?

When asked if he did anything wrong, Mustard responded,

“No, no, I didn’t bag no dogs up. The only thing I did was give shots and I didn’t give the mom a shot. She was already dead.”

Mustard has been suspended without pay for the duration of the investigation. He is set to be arraigned on 11 counts of animal cruelty, all first-degree misdemeanors, at 9 a.m. Monday in Pike County Court.

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  1. Let him rot in hell!!!!!!!!

  2. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    This makes me sick!!!!!

    It angers me that she was in the pound to begin with. Who owned her? That person needs to have something done to them too.

    The warden needs to lose his job.

    Why can’t everyone be responsible pet owners?????

    • rodney Gabbard says

      This guy needs to go to PRISON, TO HELL WITH ONLY LOSING HIS JOB, HE NEEDS TO GO TO PRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. darlene bohannon says

    so sad ,what state was that in

  4. Alyssa Codner says

    People like that shouldnt be alive. We should be able to put people like that though the same pain and suffering the put there animals through. They think that just because animals cant talk that they don’t have feeling well let me tell them they have more f****n feelings then people most of the time…… God let me stop I get so mad when I hear things like this I hope he pays for everything he did and put those puppy’s through…….

  5. The sad part is he’ll probably get probation and get to keep his job.

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