Green Dog Treats Recipe Low Calorie High Protein

Green Dog Treats Recipe

St Patrick’s Day inspired dog treats make for a healthy year round treat

Green Dog Treat

I wanted to come up with a treat that you could make for your dog to include them in the celebrations. Most of the St. Patrick’s Day dog treats I could find online called for chopped up pieces of green vegetable in an otherwise ordinary dough. The rest were ordinary dough decorate with green icing made that way with food coloring and I am not a huge fan of food coloring for dogs. So I went back into the test kitchen and came up with 3 different Green healthy treats that are perfect for feeding year round. These treats contain no oil to keep them moist or eggs to hold them together (though the peas will help with that and your dog honestly doesn’t care if their treat is crumbly). They will be dryer then a cookie you would make for yourself or your children and while they are perfectly safe to eat for you or your children then will be very dry and unsweetened.

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Dog Treats Low Calorie High Protein
These St. Patrick's Day Inspired Green Dog Treats can be made 3 different ways depending on the type of treat you are looking for. These are healthy dog treats that your dog will love.
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  • 2 jars of baby food. In any combination of Green Beans and or Sweet Peas. See notes below to determine which is right for your dog.
  • 1 cup Flour (this can be wheat, whole wheat, corn meal, whatever you have in the kitchen)
  1. Measure one full cup of flour into mixing bowl. Add 2 jars of baby food * see notes below. Mix well.
  2. Let stand for 10 minutes.
  3. At the end of the 10 minutes preheat oven to 350 and allow mixture to continue to sit and the flour absorb the vegetables.
  4. Spoon mixture into mini muffin tins, into drop cookies on a baking sheet, or form a mini cake which you can later cut into a fun shaped dog treat. Put into oven and let cook for 30 minutes. Take out of oven and let cool.
For Dogs that can stand to loose a few pounds use 2 jars of green beans / string beans. They are low in calorie and full of vitamins and minerals. This version will be great for making mini muffins as the green beans are more liquid. Cut down the oven temperature to 300 degrees and cook for about 45 minutes to help get rid of the excess liquid during cooking. You could also strain out some of the water by placing a paper towel in the jar to absorb some of the liquid. For dogs that are looking to maintain their weight you can go with one of two options. One jar of peas and one jar of green beans / string beans. This is the version that is in the pictures. It does well as an individual sized cake or mini muffins. You could also do drop cookies leaving space between the cookies on your baking sheet. For dogs that need to put on weight, are getting over an upset stomach, or surgery you can use two jars of peas. Peas are a great source of protein but are easy on the stomach. Dogs love the taste of peas.

Low Calorie Dog Treates Recipe

Make an informed decision in your Green Dog Treats Recipe
Green beans for dogs
Green Beans are a good source of plant fiber, vitamin K, and vitamin C. If your dog has a tendency to put on weight or is currently overweight, then replacing some of their regular food with green beans is a great low calorie way to fill her up and help her maintain a healthy weight. Many dogs enjoy cooked or dehydrated green beans as a special treat. By using them in cookies you make yourself you can monitor exactly what is going into the treat.

Peas for Dogs
Peas contain higher levels of protein than grains and they are a good source for most essential amino acids which is why they are a good option for in this treat after an upset tummy or surgery as they will help your dog heal. Used with a low glycemic index flour they are a great treat for a dog that is diabetic.

Healthy Dog Treats Recipe

Green Dog Treats Recipe
Mixing the Green Beans and Peas allows your dog to benefit from both vegetables. The treat is lower in calories but still has some great protein. It might also make the dog treat more appealing to your dog though my picky eater enjoys both peas and green beans plain so I can’t be 100% sure of that. Not sure what your dog thinks of these two vegetables? Let them lick a tiny bit off your finger or a spoon before using it in the treat.

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  1. Dog treats? Looks like it could just as easily be family super to us….

  2. My dogs are going to love these. There are several recipes I’m going to try this week. Thank you.
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  3. What delicious options for dogs! I am going to tell my sister about this. Thank you!

  4. I think my cats would like this as well. They are pretty spoiled.

  5. You have to be the sweetest dog owner I know. You make the nicest treats for your little furry friends. 🙂

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  6. I think I am going to try some of these out for my pup!
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  7. I love visiting your page. I swear all of the recipes are meant for me… and not the dogs. I have recommended this page to so many of my dog owner friends!
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  8. My mom would love t make this for her dog. Thanks for sharing!
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  9. Sounds almost good enough for people.
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  10. These look pretty cool. I bought peanut butter bites from the organic store and my dog wants nothing to do with it. Booo
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  11. Looks good.

  12. what a great recipe for the pups! looks delicious 🙂
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  13. How cute, dogs should get to celebrate too!
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  14. They sound delicious and are on my list to make for the FiveSibes! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. How cute! I love that your dogs get to celebrate too!
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  16. I honestly didnt know veggies were good for dogs. i learned something new…thanks

    sibabe64 at ptd do tnet

  17. these look so yummy!
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  18. Love it. I used to make lots of these things until we figured out one of my dogs can’t handle any sort of grain whatsoever! Even ground chick peas into flour and he still broke out.

    I have lots of clients that can make these for their dogs though.

    I’ve got a GREAT Tuna Fudge recipe if you’re interested. Dogs go NUTS over it…..cats too!

  19. Hi, Felissa. We would love to feature this recipe this spring on the Best Bully Sticks Healthy Dog Blog. We list the ingredients and direct back to your site for instructions.
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from you!


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