Berlin Plans to License Dog Owners / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

Severe injuries, deadly attacks: time and again, especially in Berlin, with its many dog lovers, there have been serious incidents involving dogs. Local politicians now want to put the canines' owners on a tighter leash. The coalition agreement between the SPD and CDU calls for the introduction of a … [Read more...]

Dogs 5 Things You Didn’t Know

Those puppy dog eyes your dogs gives you when you scold the for digging up the garden for the 5th time in a month time aren’t a sign of guilt, researchers say. Your dogs are just responding to your rebuke. Dogs know when they're not getting a fair shake. A 2008 study published in the journal … [Read more...]

6 Extremely Unusual Dog Houses

The rocking-2-gether chair was first published as a digital idea in 2011. It is a hybrid furniture that merges the function of a rocking chair with a dog/cat house. Creator Paul Kweton looking for manufacturers and distributors who are interested in teaming up to get the rocking-2-gether chair to … [Read more...]

NY Law to Target Theft of Family Dog

A bill that would make stealing a dog or cat a felony has strong sponsors in the New York Legislature. It is one of the first laws in consideration that would take a much tougher stand on Pet theft hopefully paving the way for other areas to adopt similar legislation. State Sen. Carl Marcellino … [Read more...]

10th Confirmed Case of Rabies NE Georgia

Positive rabies alert in northeastern Hall County On April 7, 2012, there was contact between a skunk and three dogs in the area of Northeastern Hall County. Hall County Animal Services shipped the skunk on April 9 to the Georgia Public Health Lab in Decatur for a necropsy which confirmed that … [Read more...]

Best In Show Daily Launches Online

Best In Show Daily Publications announces that Best In Show Daily (, the first-ever multimedia, all-digital publication designed for dog show fanciers by dog fanciers, officially launched to the public today. The creation of a group of Silicon Valley veterans, top … [Read more...]

Dog Braves Traffic To Stay With Fatally Struck Companion

The person that filmed the dogs saw them on the side of the road, stopped & put up traffic cones then called for help! Basically the people that killed the dog, hit it & drove off. Los Angeles county animal control officials are heralding the loyalty of the black Labrador Retriever that … [Read more...]

Amazing Acrobatic Dog / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

This Amazing Acrobatic Dog is pretty impressive which is why I thought this would be the perfect video to share this week for the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop! Davinia does like to walk on railings or on any area that is in any way like a balance beam. She actually enjoys walking in the straight … [Read more...]

Remembering the Dogs of the Titanic

  April 14th marks the 100th anniversary of the of the Titanic's fateful crash into the iceberg that tore a hole in her side and ultimately in the hours that followed sunk the ship killing more then half the passengers and crew. In memory of the the voyage that was supposed to take … [Read more...]

Dog Goes to the Moon

Fiske Planetarium's new production for spring 2012, "Max Goes to the Moon". Based on award-winning children's book of the same name by astronomer & author Dr. Jeff Bennett, Max the dog is an animated, educational children's story. "Max Goes to the Moon" was created by Fiske Planetarium at the … [Read more...]

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