Amazing Acrobatic Dog / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

amazing acrobatic dog

This Amazing Acrobatic Dog is pretty impressive which is why I thought this would be the perfect video to share this week for the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop!

Davinia does like to walk on railings or on any area that is in any way like a balance beam. She actually enjoys walking in the straight narrow line. She was doing it earlier during our late afternoon walk today actually. She had a smile on her face the entire time. But even when she was a puppy there is no way I could have gotten her to balance on something like this on her back legs. Jump over it maybe though this one might be a little too high for her and for the most part she doesn’t try jumping over things anymore. Once a while she will surprise me still though. Considering she turns 8 years old this month is missing muscle in her back leg and has nerve damage in her front leg I think it is impressive she can walk on “balance beams”.

Does your dog do any sort of trick you think is a little unusual. It doesn’t have to be crazy like the dog in the video just something you would not normally think of a dog doing (or purposefully doing).

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  1. Wow! That’s just crazy what Davinia can do! What a talented girl!

  2. I do tricks! BOL! I surf, skateboard, snowboard, and skimboard! Does that count?? I even have a show full of animals that do cool stuff like this! Only two more episodes though. Today and next Saturday. “Who Let The DOgs Out!?” on Animal Planet.


  3. Hooray, Davinia ! I really enjoyed your balancing act. You are not only talented,,,you’re a good looker too. Send some more videos our way.

  4. the dog was really enjoying that!

  5. Amazing. I used to have a dog that would walk on the edge of a 3/4 inch plywood box, but never stand on her back legs like Davinia. Nice job!

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