Can You Trust Your Dog Walker?

Dog not walked

A Kensington, Md. woman felt that something was very wrong when she came home from work at night to a dog who seemed to have not been taken out to do its business. While that might not seem unusual it is if you pay a company to make sureyour dog has the ability togo potty while you are at work. The woman decided to take a closer look. Yogi Carroll grabbed her video camera and a baby monitor to record exactly what her dog walker was doing when she visited her home each day. What she found was disturbing. The dog walker went into the house stood around for a while, wrote a quick note, and left again. Only the dog was never taken out of its crate and taken on the walk that she had paid for.

Carroll says the agreement was for her dog walker to come in each day to spend a little time outside with her pet, two-year-old Wilson, and to make sure he did his business. Carroll says she set up the cameras and even put tape around Wilson’s crate to determine if the dog walker had even bothered to open the crate. She then took the video to the dog walking company who immediately fired the dog walker. Yogi Carroll was satisfied with the outcome but felt it is important for dog owners to see the video and listen to their instincts if they think something is just not right. Nothing dangerous was done by the dog walker thank goodness but she was paying for a service that was never provided.

Hired dog walker busted on video by owner for not fulfilling service:

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  1. Research,,,Research,,,Research ! It’s getting so it’s difficult to place your trust in anyone. Do your homework when looking for someone to watch over your furry little pals.

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