Etsy Treasury: Dog Collars

At we thought it would be fun to create a weekly Etsy Treasury of handmade pet products to showcase on our blog. We know that the little mom and pop shop and tiny handmade boutiques deserve as much exposure as a big company that can pay a PR person to contact us and create a … [Read more...]

Shelter Dog Nurses Puppy and Kittens

Pets Without Parents is the first no-kill animal shelter in Sevier County, Tennessee and happens to be the home of Sante. Sante has been living at Pets Without Parents since Valentine's Day and recently gave birth to a singleton puppy. Last Saturday, 3 two week-old kittens were brought into the … [Read more...]

Update on Max the Dog Who Was Rescued From Icy Water

Yesterday we shared with you the story of the Scared and Freezing Dog Thrust into Spotlight Bites TV Anchor. We watched as the entire story unfolded yesterday and quite frankly all of the worst case scenarios were actually exactly what happened. Video of Max the Dog's TV Interview When Max … [Read more...]

Scared and Freezing Dog Thrust into Spotlight Bites TV Anchor

An Argentine Mastiff dog (otherwise known as a Dogo Argentino) named Max was rescued after falling into the freezing cold Smith Reservoir in Lakewood, Colorado on Tuesday afternoon. The 3-year-old dog was off-leash when he saw a coyote running out of a bush. Max took after after the coyote and both … [Read more...]

Kill The Dog Because the Child Isn’t Doing His Homework

  That's what one mother basically told Animal Care and Control in Brooklyn, New York according to the article Cruel and Unusual Punishment: Child Skips Homework, Mother Turns His Dog Over to Kill Shelter when she turned in the family dog to the kill shelter already over run with dogs just … [Read more...]

Chain Surfing Dog / Balancing Dog

For your smile of the day meet the Chain Surfing Dog / Balancing Dog. Not sure how you train your dog to jump up on a moving object and balance itself but the dog seems to be enjoying itself. I don't think I could convince Indiana who will step on any surface including grate in NYC to stay on a rope … [Read more...]

Airmen Pay Trubute to Fallen Canine Soldier

Lucky was right in the thick of things during his tours in Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan where he located suspected terrorists and found three magnetic detonators that contained explosives, helping to save countless lives. The soldiers and handlers he worked with during his 5 tours say Lucky was … [Read more...]

Bankrupt Harrisburg Trying to Find a Solution to Stray Dog Issue

  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is basically bankrupt and the Humane Society that is supposed to be caring for the city's stray and loose dogs refuses to talk. Not only do they refuse to talk but the estimated 60 dogs a month they are supposed to be taking in is more like 30 according to the … [Read more...]

Dog Defects From North Korea with Owner

    He obviously cared about it enough not to leave it behind but we don't know how we are going to deal with a dog. Seeing it on the boat was a great surprise. An official told the Daily Mail For the first time ever a refuge from North Korea arrived in South Korea with their pet … [Read more...]

Dog Puppeteer in Recoleta Argentina Absolutely Amazing

Check out the amazing skills this puppeteer has in bringing his dog to life -- playing ball with two children. This video was filmed in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The name of the puppeteer is Hugo Daniel Lobo. He is from Tucuman a province in Argentina. … [Read more...]

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