Etsy Treasury: Dog Collars

At we thought it would be fun to create a weekly Etsy Treasury of handmade pet products to showcase on our blog. We know that the little mom and pop shop and tiny handmade boutiques deserve as much exposure as a big company that can pay a PR person to contact us and create a … [Read more...]

Puppy Loose at NY LaGuardia Airport Stops Planes

A Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy escaped from its crate and ran loose on a taxiway at LaGuardia Airport this morning, forcing the Port Authority to shut down the tarmac and delay flights until the pup was corralled and brought back to safety. Apparently the puppy got loose while being loaded into a crate … [Read more...]

Shelter Dog Nurses Puppy and Kittens

Pets Without Parents is the first no-kill animal shelter in Sevier County, Tennessee and happens to be the home of Sante. Sante has been living at Pets Without Parents since Valentine's Day and recently gave birth to a singleton puppy. Last Saturday, 3 two week-old kittens were brought into the … [Read more...]

Tiniest Puppy Survives and Has a Story To Tell

This viral video of the tiniest little puppy that can fit inside a plastic cup might not be the kind of news you would normally see in the lead up to a discussion about the current practices in animal shelters from coast to coast. But that is exactly the discussion that needs to happen. Once you … [Read more...]

Photo of Monkey Rescuing Puppy a Hoax

The photo that started circulating the internet this week of a monkey supposedly rescuing a puppy from an accidental explosion at a Chinese Factory and then re-attributed to being a monkey saving a puppy from the floods in Thailand is actually a 5 year old picture of a monkey stealing a puppy. While … [Read more...]

What is Cuter then a Puppy Going to Sleep? 3 Puppies Going to Sleep!

Seriously what could be cuter then a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy getting ready for bed? Not much unless there are three puppies getting ready for bed. Sweet Dreams little puppies. … [Read more...]

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