Shelter Dog Nurses Puppy and Kittens

Sante and her puppy and kittens

Pets Without Parents is the first no-kill animal shelter in Sevier County, Tennessee and happens to be the home of Sante. Sante has been living at Pets Without Parents since Valentine’s Day and recently gave birth to a singleton puppy.

Last Saturday, 3 two week-old kittens were brought into the shelter. Being so young they needed to be bottle fed a very daunting prospect for anyone especially a shelter already caring for other animals.

The shelter having a mother animal in their care decided to see if Sante would nurse the kittens, since she only had one puppy and more then enough milk to go around. Sante welcomed the puppies with open paws allowing them to nurse and then cleaning them.

A few days later another kitten was brought in. This one even younger then Sante’s adopted triplets. The shelter called on Sante the now resident nurse maid to adopt the tiny little kitten and she did without hesitation. Sante’s puppy is thriving and so are her 4 adopted kittens.

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  1. So beautiful! If only humans could be so accepting and compassionate as their animal couterparts.

  2. Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

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