Puppy Loose at NY LaGuardia Airport Stops Planes

dog loose runway laguardia airport

A Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy escaped from its crate and ran loose on a taxiway at LaGuardia Airport this morning, forcing the Port Authority to shut down the tarmac and delay flights until the pup was corralled and brought back to safety. Apparently the puppy got loose while being loaded into a crate and put onto a Delta Flight on its way to Memphis at 10am.

What or why a puppy was doing loose at the airport has not been made clear. The dog should have been put in the crate and secured inside the crate either at regular baggage check or at the airlines cargo office and the dog should have had no reason to be loose anywhere near the tarmac. It is against airport rules to have a dog loose and not in a cage, crate, or travel bag while on airport property or on an airplane. This Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy getting loose while under the care of Delta Airlines is just another mark in a really bad track record for the company when dealing with dogs.

People on planes or waiting for their planes while the airport was in effect shut down spent the time tweeting about their experience.

“Dog on runway @ laguardia causes mayhem, passengers were not allowed to deplane,” tweeted Scott Anderson.

Robert Lund, who was also at the airport, tweeted, “We can’t take off because there is apparently a loose dog (!) running around the runway.”

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  1. I just heard about this on the news. I am flying out of there on Friday

  2. this is almost laughable but look at the serious situation it caused!

  3. Awww. poor puppy. glad its ok.

  4. Wow. You mean there were OTHER instances of them having dog issues? Someone didn’t close the cage properly!

  5. glad the dog was ok!


  6. OMG, so happy the dog was okay at the end of this LOL That could have been horrible!

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