Man Who Uploaded Video of Dog Being Abused is Being Investigated

  The man who uploaded the video of the Strafordshire Bull Terrier being beaten is now being investigated by police. They say that by uploading the video of the abuse that he incited a crowd (50+ people gathered in front of the abuser's house). The crowd supposedly smashed the abusers window … [Read more...]

Surfing Dog to Be Inducted Into Hall of Fame

On Sept. 11, the first surfing dog will be inducted into the Surf Dog Hall of Fame which will take place at the Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, the world's largest dog surfing event. Buddy, a 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier, who has been surfing with his owner, Bruce Hooker, … [Read more...]

Bandit the Dog Helps Save Baby Sea Turtle

Last Thursday morning Bandit the dog was going for his usual morning walk when he smelled something in the air and ran over to investigate. What he found  was a lone hatch-ling turtle. Its a good thing Bandit the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel ran over to investigate because it turns out the newborn … [Read more...]

Dog Nurses Piglets on Cuban Farm

  A mother dog who lives on a farm has several litters of piglets running behind her to nurse. The momma dog named Yeti was caring for her litter of puppies when one of the piglets then 14 days old made a discovery. The piglet found a new source of milk in the mother dog and soon all the … [Read more...]

Woman Punches Bear in Face to Save Her Dog

  A Juneau Alaska resident said she hit a Black Bear in the face Sunday night to save the life of her dachshund, Fudge. She said she discovered the bear crouched down, clutching Fudge in its paws and biting the back of the dog's neck. When she realized what was happening she started … [Read more...]

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