Dog Nurses Piglets on Cuban Farm


A mother dog who lives on a farm has several litters of piglets running behind her to nurse. The momma dog named Yeti was caring for her litter of puppies when one of the piglets then 14 days old made a discovery. The piglet found a new source of milk in the mother dog and soon all the piglets on the farm were running after the momma dog to eat. Not that the piglets don’t have their own moms who are nursing them but apparently milk from a momma dog either tastes better then from a pig or these little piglets are just well pigs and think every animal on the farm capable of nursing them should. The piglets can be see running around the farmyard after the mother dog and greedily suckling when she stops under a tree in the shade. The piglets rush over eager to feed not even bothering to care if there is a puppy or two mixed in with them. Yeti the mother dog does not seem concerned or upset about the piglets nursing from her.

I wonder what the momma pigs think about their babies preferring to nurse from the dog and following her around the farm?

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  1. Oh, that poor Mama dog. what about her puppies? I guess the principle of supply and demand gets to play in this case. Still…..

  2. gosh.. the poor dog is getting skinny with all that feeding. and the piglets are healthy. she doesnt seem to mind but it sure doesnt look very comfy for her.. good to see though that everyones living peacefully.


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