Dog Defects From North Korea with Owner



He obviously cared about it enough not to leave it behind but we don’t know how we are going to deal with a dog. Seeing it on the boat was a great surprise. An official told the Daily Mail

For the first time ever a refuge from North Korea arrived in South Korea with their pet which happens to be a dog. Officials are baffled at what to do about the situation as they have no protocol in place for transporting animals of any kind from their closed off neighbor. The dog was traveling with 21 people and is making big news in the country as the first canine defector. For now the dog is being kept in quarantine facilities until a determination on whether the owner will be allowed to stay in the country or sent back.

Officials that that if the owner is granted Asylum that he dog will be allowed to stay but will be in quarantine for many months as long as it is determined to be healthy and free of any diseases. The dog will then be immunized according to South Korean dog rules and watched by veterinarians and caregivers at a government quarantine facility.

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  1. Interesting post, I think nobody ever thought about the idea that they are allowed to have pets there. Found a typo in the start of the third paragraph though. “Officials that that”

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