Pedigree to Donate 27,000-lbs of Dog Food to Hurricane Irene Flood Victims

149 of you  participated in the Write a Post, Help a Dog 2011 Campaign  with Pedigree and Pedigree Foundation earlier this month. It might not have been as big of a turn out as we had hoped as our goal was to raise 10,000lbs of food but we did have to contend with Hurricane Irene blowing through in … [Read more...]

Free Spay Neuter and Vaccine Clinic with Detroit Dog Rescue

The Detroit Dog Rescue is offering Detroit dog owner residents the opportunity to spay and neuter their canines for free. Rabies and Distemper vaccinations will also be provided at no cost. Micro-chip identification implants, Heartworm and Bordatella vaccinations will be available at a reduced … [Read more...]

Dog Whose Paws Burned Off Hoping For Stem Cell Miracle

Bernie is recovering from his experimental surgery with the help of  Animal Rescue League of Berks County. On July 19th a Reading police officer found Bernie on top of a burning hot roof. When he was able to get to the dog he realized that the pads of its paws were burned off from the heat of the … [Read more...]

One Day Fundraiser at Day Dog Designs Benefitting Lucky Star Cavaliers

A few months ago we worked with Day Dog Designs on a Giveaway during Syringomyelia Awareness Week and fell in love with their Collars. I found out a few days ago that they were going to be doing a fundraiser for Lucky Star Cavaliers an organization that takes in puppymill dogs takes them to the vet, … [Read more...]

Puppy Rescued from Rocky Ledge in Acadia National Park

If anyone ever tells you that real men don't like dogs they are completely wrong. Real men like the Forest Rangers in Acadia National Park searched daily for Bailey, an 8-month-old puppy who was stranded for up to four days on a rocky ledge ledge in Acadia National Park. Daily meaning including on … [Read more...]

Black Dogs and Cats Get Special Adoption Event

Find your perfect dog or cat during the Best Friends Animal Society Back in Black National Adoption Event!   Right now, thousands of wonderful black dog, cat, rabbits, and ferrets are waiting for adoption at shelters and rescue groups nationwide. Black dogs and cats are often overlooked … [Read more...]

Animal Shelter Staff Fired Now Need Food Volenteers and Supplies for Animals

After months of investigation into killing dogs using guns and allegations of animal cruelty and dog fighting in Chesterfield, South Carolina the staff at the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter part of the Sheriff's Office have been relieved of their duties. According to a release from Sheriff Sam … [Read more...]

Jail Inmates Cleaning Dog Cages

The 16 inmates began work Monday at the David R. Lee Animal Center – inmates dispense food and clean cages and kennel areas. The sheriff’s office says this new venture provides the inmates with work experience and saves city taxpayers thousands of dollars each year. The inmates are paid $4 a day … [Read more...]

Spotlight on Rescue: Meet Tooie #Tweetapettues

  Tooie was found wandering Highway 200 on the island of Vieques. He is approximately 6 months old and weighs 20lbs, he is not likely to get much bigger. He is a clever young dog who is skilled with people, dogs and children. He has the potential to be a fabulous companion dog or could … [Read more...]

7 Young Puppies Survive Being Abandonded

  An RCMP officer was sent out on call to investigate a box with what dispatchers were told was 7 dead puppies. However, after noticing some movement and noise from within the box, the officer quickly realized that the puppies were barely alive. The officer warmed the puppies with his hands … [Read more...]

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