Dog Whose Paws Burned Off Hoping For Stem Cell Miracle

Bernie is recovering from his experimental surgery with the help of  Animal Rescue League of Berks County. On July 19th a Reading police officer found Bernie on top of a burning hot roof. When he was able to get to the dog he realized that the pads of its paws were burned off from the heat of the roof. The young pit bull also had burn marks on his spine and chest, believed to be caused when he tried to take the weight off his burned paws by lying down on the roof. Veterinarian Dr. Boyd Wagner of Wyomissing Animal Hospital attempted to regrow the pads on the dog’s paws by using stem cells harvested from another animal, a first-of-its-kind procedure that required approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The veterinarian has been working with Celavet Inc., a California-based biotechnology firm conducting stem-cell research in horses, cats and dogs. He said it’s unclear whether the experimental treatment he performed on Bernie August 4th will be successful. For now he says Bernie is happy and his pain has been managed. Police are looking for information on the dogs owner who if it is determined put Bernie on the hot roof will be arrested.

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  1. Poor Bernie! Sending good vibes to him. Hope the surgery works.

  2. Carol's Critter Corner says

    Wow, poor Bernie. I do hope this works for him. Prayers for him and that they find the owners to get some justice.

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