Animal Shelter Staff Fired Now Need Food Volenteers and Supplies for Animals

After months of investigation into killing dogs using guns and allegations of animal cruelty and dog fighting in Chesterfield, South Carolina the staff at the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter part of the Sheriff’s Office have been relieved of their duties. According to a release from Sheriff Sam Parker, the decision “was made in an effort to begin a new start at the shelter”. The animal shelter has been under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, and the state’s Attorney General’s office since allegations came out in March 2011 that some animals were being shot as a form of euthanasia. As of the end of the investigation 6 dogs who were under the care of the shelter were found to have been shot with a gun. The Chesterfield sheriff’s office has been conducting an internal investigation since the allegations surfaced that animal shelter workers may have shot nearly two dozen dogs, before dumping them in a landfill.

The allegations where so bad at one point that the shelter was shut down for nearly a month and when it reopened the Sheriff had deputies running the shelter, but ordered them not to drive the Animal Control vehicles because of hundreds of threats towards those being accused of shooting the dogs, cruelty, and dog fighting.

“I feel that we owe it to the animals and citizens of this county that we begin to set standards and be held accountable for our pets,” Parker told WBTV. “This office and staff are humane and are asking for help and volunteers for our shelter. We are going to do what is right.”

Sheriff Parker says that he hopes allegations of past mistakes will not keep the shelter from moving forward. Right now there is a desperate need for help. The shelter is low on food, supplies, and money. They currently have about a week’s worth of food for the 50 dogs they have housed there. They also are in desperate need of cat litter.

The address you can deliver supplies to:
Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Office
200 Main Street
Chesterfield, South Carolina 29709

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  1. That is horrible to think that people trusted this place to do the right thing. I hope the right, caring people step forward to treat these animals with respect and kindness.

  2. Thank goodness for a new beginning! This was a horrible story and am glad ‘the right thing was done’…unlike in Memphis…

  3. MilShelb Mom says

    Thank you for sharing this need! We live in SC and will see what we can do to help.
    ~Maggie, Milly, and shelby

  4. Excellent collection of information all in one spot. Nicely done and very helpful.

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