7 Young Puppies Survive Being Abandonded

One of the seven puppies that were found abandoned.


An RCMP officer was sent out on call to investigate a box with what dispatchers were told was 7 dead puppies. However, after noticing some movement and noise from within the box, the officer quickly realized that the puppies were barely alive. The officer warmed the puppies with his hands before rushing them to a nearby veterinary clinic for in depth help. The husky mix puppies are thought to be about weeks old and it is believed that they were put in the box sometime between 24 and 36 hours before they were discovered. They were suffering from dehydration and exposure. After spending the next two days at the clinic, the puppies were transferred to the Greater Moncton SPCA.

“They were on death’s door,” says SPCA executive director Nanette Pearl. “Once they received care in capable hands, though, they bounced back and made a remarkable recovery. Now they’re happy, thriving puppies.”

Today, the puppies are in the foster-care of SPCA volunteer Denise Tramble and her husband, Steve. Tramble happened to be there when the puppies arrived at the SPCA on July 13. She was happy to offer to take them all home for temporary foster care, before they reached the appropriate age to be put up for adoption at the SPCA. The puppies are now at a foster home being bottle fed, cared for, and loved by a family until they are 8 weeks old. At which time they will all be available for adoption. The foster family has four cats at home, as well as a cocker spaniel, who has taken to watching over the puppies as if they were her own brood. Which means the puppies will be cat friendly when they are ready for adoption and be able to live in a home with smaller dogs. Two great pluses to finding all seven of these babies homes.

“We’re very grateful to raise awareness, but this is not a rare thing. We do see abandonment of infant-stage and adult animals all the time,” says the SPCA executive director. “This is a happy ending for these puppies; it could’ve been a tragedy.”

The SPCA urges anyone who knows any information about the previous owner of the abandoned puppies to call the New Brunswick SPCA at 1-877-722-1522 and provide their report. She also adds that if anyone suspects that an animal they know of could be being abused or neglected, they should call right away.

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  1. there are still good people out there!
    Benny & Lily

  2. Sending purrs and purrayers for the sweet puppies and their foster Parents!

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