An Ode to Tillie the Turtle #ReptileCare

A Turtle Came to Visit

When I was a little girl even before I got my first dog there was Tillie the Turtle. A tiny little quarter sized turtle given to me as a gift. I have no idea how old Tillie was when she came to live with us. What I do know is that she likely far outlived her expected lifespan especially because she … [Read more...]

Natural Balance Offers A Huge Selection #PetSmartStory

Natural Balance Offers A Huge Selection #PetSmartStory

Natural BalanceĀ® offers a huge selections of dog and cat options from Grain Free, to Limited Ingredients, to Weight Loss Natural Balance has you and your pet covered whether you are looking for kibble, cans, pouches, treats, or training goodies. Davinia and Indiana have always been in LOVE with … [Read more...]

Finally Natural Balance Available at PetSmart #PetSmartStory

In our PetSmartCart to pick up Natural Balance #PetSmartStory

Our Natural BalanceĀ® #PetSmartStory is a little bit different than most other stories being shared for the Natural Balance launch at PetSmartĀ®. It's different because of the trek that we make in order to get to the closest PetSmart 32.4 miles in each direction (there is actually one a few miles … [Read more...]

Summer of KitchenAid Sweepstakes

Summer of Kitchenaid

Welcome to the Summer of Kitchenaid Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth   Do you like to make delicious summer treats? For many of us, some of our best summer memories are sitting outside with family eating delicious fruit treats or even a yummy ice cream from the ice cream truck. … [Read more...]

20 Incredible Salmon Recipes – Inspire Us Tuesdays

20 incredible salmon recipes

20 Incredible Salmon Recipes As many of you already know. Several weeks ago I went on a cruise to Alaska! While in Alaska I ate a lot of Salmon so I thought that it would be fun to bring a little bit of Alaska to my Blog by sharing some fantastic Salmon Recipes from across the web! Salmon comes in … [Read more...]

Cavalier Coloring Book Contest #TwoLittleCavaliersColoringContest

Two Little Cavaliers Coloring Contest information

Cavalier Coloring Book Contest #TwoLittleCavaliersColoringContest Several months ago we had several coloring books created for us. We are now ready to share the first Coloring Book a six page coloring book about Cavaliers at the Park! If you like to color while watching tv or doodle while you … [Read more...]

Watermelon Recipes – Inspire Us Tuesdays

Watermelon Recipes from Sweet to Savory

Summer time means Watermelon Time. In fact it probably means really crazy deals on watermelon like the 15lbs of watermelon I picked up yesterday for under $3.00! There is something about Watermelon that makes me reach for more which is why I am not allowed to have an entire watermelon or any large … [Read more...]

Davinia and Indiana Help The Garden Grow #BarkBoxDay

Indiana in the garden

Davinia and Indiana Help The Garden Grow #BarkBoxDay I have never really been a huge fan of Subscription Boxes for me or the dogs. The whole element of surprise when it comes to treats and toys for 2 dogs that don't generally play with toys and already have a kitchen full of treats seems a it … [Read more...]

Inspire Us Tuesdays – 25 Limeade Recipes

25 Limeade Recipes

25 Limeade Recipes Limeade seems to be the drink of Summer 2015 maybe because it comes in so many colorful and fruity versions perfect for beating the heat! Here in the South we are all about enjoying the summer but that means coming up with ways to stay cool and have fun at the same time. Even … [Read more...]

Looking Back at BlogPaws VIP Events

Red Roof Inn Lunch

Looking Back at BlogPaws VIP Events Every year at BlogPaws there are Sponsors that look to meet BlogPaws Community members in a more intimate setting. This year that was during VIP Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch on various days during the Conference. While I wasn't personally invited to all of … [Read more...]

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