Nudges Dog Treats For Summer #NudgeThemBack

Nudges Dog Treats Perfect For Summer Fun

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel With Nudges Dog Treats

Our summer fun story starts off with another trip to Walmart to pick up more Nudges Dog Treats. This time I picked up Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Salmon! I had picked up a big bag of the salmon Grillers when I went shopping back in May ut it seems that our plan to leave the bag of treats at grandma and grandpa’s for when we go over for dinner on the weekend sort of backfired. Maybe not backfired but was maybe not the smartest plan. We thought we hid the bag really well. We didn’t put it in the cabinet with Whisper’s regular treats so we thought we were safe and would have treats hidden away for the entire summer. The bag of Nudges Dog Treats that I bought and left here still has plenty of treats to get us through the rest of the summer.

Nudges Disclosure


Where Did Our Nudges Grillers Dog Treats Go?

It turns out we didn’t hide them well enough because Whisper ate the entire big bag. By the entire bag I mean the whole thing minus the one strip that girls shared the day we brought it over! Opps. In all fairness I did at some point say that Whisper could have some I guess I just didn’t realize how many Nudges Grillers she was going to eat. We guess she liked them a lot even if we have n pictures to show for it.

Nudges Grillers Made with Salmon

Time for a Nudges Grillers Restock!

This time when I went to visit Walmart the store was set up for Back to School shopping! What happened to the kiddie pools, and grills, and pool floats that were there a few weeks ago? Where did the mason jar iced tea glasses go or the picnic accessories? It is supposed to be 93 degrees out today with a feels like temperature of close to 100 and that is here in the Mountains. Around here the kids go back to school sometime in August but let us keep our summer fun activities just a little bit longer! I guess we will just have to create our own summer fun activities if they are all sold out. But first and foremost we needed to restock the Nudges Dog Treats so that is exactly what I did. This time instead of getting the biggest bag I got two of the smallest bags (Nudges comes in small medium and large size bags so that you can buy a little or a lot depending on how many dogs you have and how big they are!). We will keep one of the bags and hide the other at Grandma and Grandpa’s and hopefully this time the bag will be small enough that when we hide it no one will be able to find it.

Nudges Dog Treats

Why Nudges Grillers Dog Treats?

1. Inspired by the foods you love, Nudges® Dog Treats are made from real USA-sourced meats with chicken, beef, salmon or duck as the #1 ingredient. Nudges Grillers Dog Treats Made with Real Salmon is certainly inspired by a food I love. In fact I had salmon for dinner on Saturday night which meant the girls got to have a small bite. They of course would have liked more which is one reason I love these treats. Now even when I don’t have salmon for dinner they still get to have a salmon treat!.

2. Nudges Dog Treats are made in the USA with USA-sourced chicken, beef, salmon or duck. They have never been taken off the market nor associated with any recalls which makes me happy! While overdoing any treat can result in an upset tummy at least I know that as long as they have these in moderation they are having treats from a company that is putting Davinia and Indiana and all of your dogs first.

3. Nudges Dog Treats are tender, wholesome treats that are great for small dogs or training because you can tear them into small bites. We still break the strips apart into much smaller pieces but they are so easy to break apart without making a mess everywhere. Once you break them apart they don’t crumble like other treats so it is easy to make a small bag of treats to bring with you on a walk around the lake in the morning before it gets too hot or to a friend’s house for a BBQ Dinner when the sun starts to go down for the night.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with Nudges Dog Treats

4. Nudges Dog Treats are available in 12 human inspired varieties!
Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Real Steak
Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken
Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Real Salmon
Nudges® Sizzlers Dog Treats Made with Real Beef & Cheese
Nudges® Sizzlers Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken Bacon
Nudges® Sizzlers Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken & Apple
Nudges® Jerky Cuts Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken Health & Wellness
Nudges® Jerky Cuts Dog Treats Made with Real Steak
Nudges® Jerky Cuts Dog Treats Made with Real Duck
Nudges® Jerky Cuts Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken Bites
Nudges® Homestyle Dog Treats Made with Real Chicken, Peas & Carrots (New variety)
Nudges® Homestyle Dog Treats Made with Real Beef, Carrots & Potatoes (New variety)
With so many options you are sure to find something that your dog will love no matter what the season or occasion.
Which variety do you think your dog will love?

On your next visit to Walmart stop by the Pet Section and pick up a bag or two of Nudges Dog Treats.

Don’t forget to join the Nudges Facebook Community and let Nudges know which variety is your dog’s favorite!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nudges. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. I came home from the hairdresser and found a bag of treats torn to shreds and not a trace of one to be found. I did find a very guilty dog hiding in the bedroom. Sometimes they just can’t resist.

  2. I always love seeing photos of your dog. She is so cute! I don’t have any dogs of my own, but my inlaws do. I’m sure they’d love any of these flavors.

  3. My dogs would just love the beef and cheese or the chicken bacon flavors. Then again they would like any of them. I can’t believe how many different flavors there are.
    Tara recently posted..Italian Arancini Prosciutto EggsMy Profile

  4. Amy Desrosiers says

    The look on your dog’s face in the first photo is priceless! haha! My dog loves Nudges treats so much!

  5. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, your dog’s face says how yummy these treats must be! I’m sure my pup will enjoy them, too. I will definitely have to check into these things; thanks for sharing!
    Jeanette recently posted..3 Surprising Secrets to a Clean BathroomMy Profile

  6. Oh these look great for dogs and you dog is so cute. I have been wanting something just like these for my dogs, going to look at my pet store!

  7. I’m going to look for these next time we go shopping. We keep treats in our cars for our grand dogs. They LOVE to see us. Ha!
    Cathi Crismon recently posted..DIY Old Door HeadboardMy Profile

  8. Nudges seem like a great brand! I should introduce it to my father-in-law who recently got a French Mastiff.
    Lisa Favre recently posted..Best of the WeekMy Profile

  9. I know a couple of little chihuahuas at my house that would enjoy these. I know how it feels to have the treats disappear. We had some at one time that we left out. When we came back to them, they were gone and a certain little dog was licking his chops.

  10. Love your dog, soooooo cute!! Can’t wait to check this brand out!

  11. Dog treats are an important part of pet care. It is important to give our pets good treats that make them feel better and be healthier.

  12. These were some of the cutest dog photos I have ever seen. I must get these treats for my mom’s dog; they seem really great for her little pet!

  13. Such a cute little dog! I bet my husky would love these!

  14. We don’t have any pets. But this is all great to know when we do get pets! Pet treats help big time in the training of the pets 🙂

  15. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I will have to pick up some Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats for the next time my Sister comes over with her dogs. I always have treats for them.

  16. These look like great treats for my fur babies. I am always looking for new treats to get for them.

  17. I have been looking for healthy treats for my dog. I am sure he is going to love Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats.

  18. Brent Arceneaux says

    Nothing better than seeing that pupper face light up when he or she sees that bag of doggy treats! These treats will keep that heartwarming smile on your dog’s face!

  19. gingermommyrants says

    I will have to share this with my friends with dogs. These look like a great choice in dog treats.

  20. There are so many fun flavors of them. I would enjoy changing it up now and then for the pups.

  21. My dogs really love the Sizzlers! I love finding and giving them special treats. I only give them treats that are made in the US, so this is definitely a great find!

  22. We are always running into Walmart for one thing or another and I’m so happy that we can now pick up healthy dog treats as well. I love how they have such a big selection and that they are made in the USA. It looks like the girls really enjoyed them.

  23. Whisper is SO gorgeous!! Well, with a Husky in the house and Salmon treats anywhere to be found by a big long snout? It’s no wonder they disappeared!! My Husky would devour those Nudges salmon treats too. I’ll have to pick some up for sure!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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