Nudges Jerky Cuts Perfect For Small Dogs #NudgeThemBack

Nudges Jerky Cuts Perfect For Small Dogs

Davinia and Indiana have loved Jerky treats since their very first taste. I have never felt like the occasional jerky treat was an issue for them but maybe that is because I have always been very conscious of serving size. Even before I realized how much protein goes into a single strip of jerky I was keeping treat size small. Now that they are older their favorite jerky seems so hard and difficult for them to manage (trust me they would make it work) but I knew that there had to be something better out there that I could break up into smaller pieces without feeling like the pieces could scratch their little mouths as they eat it.

Nudges Jerky Cuts Perfect For Small Dogs #NudgeThemBackNudges Disclosure

I found the answer with Nudges® Jerky Cuts
Nudges® Dog Treats are tender, wholesome treats that are great for small dogs or training because you can tear them into small bites. You really can tear or cut these tender pieces apart with ease. I love that they come in 3 protein choices Chicken, Duck, and Steak because all dogs are different and enjoy different treats. Plus with 3 choices you can mix it up more often. Actually Nudges offers 12 varieties of Made and Sourced in the USA Dog Treats all available at our local Walmart.

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats #NudgeThemBack

Nudges at Walmart
Shopping at Walmart might not seem like the place to go for wholesome dog treats for little senior dogs but with Nudges® Dog Treats that are made in the USA with USA-sourced chicken, beef, salmon or duck it really is. Plus the fact that they have never been taken off the market nor associated with any recalls. Whether you make a Walmart run just for some treats or happen to need to go for other things and walk by the pet section and want to pick up something special for your special dogs Nudges are like a hidden gem in a field of hay.

Nudges Wholesome Dog Treats at Walmart #NudgeThemBack

When I went to Walmart to pick up some treats I went with a bag of Nudges Jerky Cuts Dog Treats made with Real Duck for our house and also picked up a bag of Nudges® Grillers Dog Treats Made with Real Salmon to leave at grandma and grandpa Two Little Cavaliers house for when we go over for dinner. If I am having Salmon they should be able to have some too but sharing a tiny piece of my leftovers 4 ways Davinia, Indiana, Whisper, and Dora the Cat). Plus grandpa thinks that every weekend is a good excuse for special treats especially if you can save some money so we put them in his special treat cabinet.

Nudges Jerky Cuts Made with Real Duck #NudgeThemBack

Nudges Jerky Cuts Perfect to Bring to a Party as a Treat to Share
Ok so most people wouldn’t really consider spending the weekend at the kennel a party but Davinia and Indiana love going to Miss Paula’s like the big dogs. They get to decide via doggy door if they want to be indoors with the a/c or out in the sun. They get a friend that plays with them multiple times a day and they get more food and treats then they would at home. Who wouldn’t think that is a party.

Plus Miss Paula thinks they are pretty cool well adjusted for little dogs.
They literally walk in like they own the place with their tails wagging ready to play.
Walk to the back with their kennel helper friend without a glance back at me.
Didn’t need to be taught how to use the doggy door (a big heavy rubber flap) yeah they figured that out by themselves in under 6 seconds of visiting for the first time.

So yes when Davinia and Indiana stayed at the kennel last weekend when I had to go out of town they brought a little bag of pre-cut Nudges Jerky Cuts with them to share with the other dogs there. Or at least I hoped they shared because we didn’t get any back when I picked them up. Thank goodness I didn’t send them with the whole bag and pre-cut the pieces because they like to show love at Miss Paula’s by giving lots of food and treats so that no one thinks anyone starved while staying there.

Celebrate the joy dogs bring to our lives and join the Nudges Dog Treats Facebook Community.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nudges® Dog Treats. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. What is jerky exactly? (Sorry, I’m not American and we never have this in my country).
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  2. Nudges is fantastic. We picked some up last week and our dog absolutely loved it.

  3. Hahaha, the video is great! That’s one hungry dog.

  4. These sound good, I like that they’re high quality & you can break them into small pieces. My dogs would love the salmon flavor, they are wild for salmon!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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