Animal Control Officer Fired But Allowed to Keep Dog

Bryan Jones was an animal control officer for 14 years in Joliet Township, Illinois. But as of last week he was fired for not listening to what his supervisor had to say about one dog in particular. A Little Chihuahua that was deemed aggressive because it didn't like one of the Vet Techs that work … [Read more...]

Babies Speak Dog

Babies can actually speak dog they can interpret the meaning of dog barks — even if they have never been around dogs. Researchers from Brigham Young University found that babies as young as six months of age are able to match the sounds of an angry snarl and a friendly yap with photos of dogs that … [Read more...]

Moving to Los Angeles with Your Dog

As many of you already know we recently moved to a new city and state think East Coast not West Coast but the same tips will come in handy no matter where you are thinking of moving. When you have a pet to think about during your move it means being thoughtful of what you are doing and how you are … [Read more...]

Crufts Throws Dogs Breeders and Exhibitors to the Wolves

The health and well being of show dogs is one of the most important aspects of showing your dog at a conformation show. Getting the necessary genetic blood tests, x-rays, blood work, specialized heart exams, and specialized eye exams are all of up most importance to reputable breeders. They spend … [Read more...]

Edible Dog Chew Bone Party Coming Soon!

  Davinia's Birthday is coming up and I have been trying to come up with some way to celebrate that is fun and helpful to our readers. I have decided that since Davinia really needs chew bones in order to help keep her tooth healthy this would be the perfect thing. See she refuses most that … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday Sleeping Dogs

Shhh! Sleeping Dogs … [Read more...]

Why Dogs Eat Poo

Dogs eat poo for any number of reasons. Some dogs will eat other dogs poo while others tend to go for kitty poo and still others will routinely eat their own poo. The most common reason for dogs to eat poop is that that like the smell. If a dog or cat is not properly digesting their food there … [Read more...]

Give Your Dog Treats While You Are At Work

  No you don't need to invest in a dog sitter or beg the neighborhood children to stop by after school to give your dog a treat. Apparently all you will need is twitter and a special computerized dog feeder that releases food each time your dog's friend tweets at them. Nat Morris,created … [Read more...]

Community Holds Fundraiser for K9 Dog Units

An annual crab fest Fundraiser brings in $20,000 to $25,000 a year to help fund the Newman, California Police Dog K9 Units. The K-9 units have been on the street for about four years now with the dogs living at home with their handlers. The 2 K9 Units are Cpl. Chad Earle, with his dog Gunner, and … [Read more...]

The Case of the Sapphire Collar Chapter 5

Chapter 5 I don’t think well on an empty stomach. Let’s be honest, I’m a guy: I don’t do anything well on an empty stomach. I decided to head to “Tessie’s” to think things over. Apart from a couple of regulars that were so regular that Tessie could have insured them as “fixtures and fittings” … [Read more...]

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