Edible Dog Chew Bone Party Coming Soon!

Davinia getting her bone


Davinia’s Birthday is coming up and I have been trying to come up with some way to celebrate that is fun and helpful to our readers. I have decided that since Davinia really needs chew bones in order to help keep her tooth healthy this would be the perfect thing. See she refuses most that we have tried and I am sure she is not the only one who refuses to even play with them for a little while. Having a month long party completely focused on Edible Dog Chew Bones we will work with any company who claims that their product is good for dogs teeth (sweet potato chews, marrow type bones, healthy rawhide, bully type sticks, crunchy cookies that have an ingredient or two to help keep teeth healthy). Basically any bone meant to clean a dog’s teeth other then those made of plastic or other man made non edible material (she does not and has never played with chew toys).

We would love your help with the names of brands we should contact for this event so if your dog has a favorite teeth cleaning treat please let us know in the comment section. I know that not everyone is going to have the same ideas of what constitutes a healthy chew bone but that is what will make this event really good. Hopefully we will be able to introduce everyone to options that fit their budget, that their dogs enjoy, and are healthy for them (or at least healthier.) So tell us about your favorite Dog Chew’s so we can learn more about them.

Davinia and Indiana with Bones

Are you a company that makes or sells edible chew bones and would like to participate in a Review and Giveaway event please email us at [email protected] and let us know a little bit about your product.

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  1. Julie B. says

    My longhaired dachshund, Ralphie, loves his Greenies and Dingo bones, but for those people who want non-rawhide alternatives (especially for dogs with food allergies) Smart Bones, which are vegetable-based (they also have a dental version of these bones) are an exciting new option. Also, for dental maintenance and to ward of having annual dentals, I supplement Ralphie’s diet with Teddy’s Pride probiotic, which seems to work quite well. Also for chew options, Virbac makes a variety of chew bones such as CET Hextra chews which are treated with an antiseptic to reduce the “bad bacteria” in dogs’ mouths, an enzymatic chew which does the same thing only by enzymatic cleansing, and Veggiedent which is a vegetable-based chew for dogs with food allergies or for pet parents who want non-rawhide options. I believe all the Virbac products are available for a pretty fair price on Amazon. I should also note that brushing your dog’s teeth is of course another excellent way to maintain pets’ oral health, but if brushing is something you don’t want to do or your dog won’t tolerate it, there are also several options such as dental sprays, wipes, and water additives (Amazon has these as well) including Tropiclean products, which are all-natural. Please feel free to email me at the above email address (karmabodhi80(at)gmail(dot)com) for further information if you like, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject, as well as in canine nutrition and the best dry, canned, fresh, and raw foods for dogs. (I probably won’t remember to check back here for comments so do feel free to email me on the subject).

  2. Jennifer Boehme says

    I would like to try some of the Dentastix for Belle. They say it cleans 80% of the tartar, but I have not tried them yet.

  3. I use Dentastix with my two dogs and they seem to work quite well, but as they like chew toys we have a couple of chicken flavour Nylabones which I think are better (and cheaper in the long run). I read about a water additive that reduces plaque over a few months, so maybe that might be a good idea if she doesn’t like chew toys?

  4. Benny & Lily says

    Now that’s a pawrty
    Benny & Lily

  5. Kathy Kiley says

    Plain old fashioned marrow bones from the butcher at the supermarket. Our butcher cuts the bones in various sizes from smallish to large and packages them. I buy them for my boy and boil them for a few minutes. (The idea of raw is yucky to me. LOL) Since I started giving these to Rory his teeth have been sparkly white. They have made a big difference. He isn’t crazy about the greenies type dental chews and will chew on rawhides are only when he is in the mood. He is also picky about hard biscuits so I was going nuts trying to find something to stimulate his chewing. Marrow Bones are the only ones that he will chew on for hours each and every time. Once he has cleaned the bone good he rarely goes back to it. I usually give him two a week.

  6. Kathy Kiley says

    PS. Nylabones, dentastix, Greenies, Smart Bones, I have tried them all. (And wasted more money in doing so) I even had to have Rory’s teeth cleaned until the marrow bones. So I don’t buy any of the other things any more. just a rawhide now and then. 🙂

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