Crufts Throws Dogs Breeders and Exhibitors to the Wolves

The health and well being of show dogs is one of the most important aspects of showing your dog at a conformation show. Getting the necessary genetic blood tests, x-rays, blood work, specialized heart exams, and specialized eye exams are all of up most importance to reputable breeders. They spend … [Read more...]

Lucky Day Giveaway Event Assure® Digestive Supplement for Dogs

Three Lucky Winners Receive Assure® Digestive Supplement! Many health challenges for pets begin in the gastrointestinal system, specifically with the microorganisms and enzymes. So supplementing your dog’s digestion is a smart way to help his overall health and wellbeing. There are a few … [Read more...]

Dogs Getting Cosmetic Surgery

  I was in the car on the way to a meeting this morning and I heard a report about crazy plastic surgeries animals get and I wanted to weigh in. Most of the surgeries seem to be out of necessity like a dog getting a titanium nose job - I am thinking and honestly hope that this only occurred … [Read more...]

Edible Dog Chew Bone Party Coming Soon!

  Davinia's Birthday is coming up and I have been trying to come up with some way to celebrate that is fun and helpful to our readers. I have decided that since Davinia really needs chew bones in order to help keep her tooth healthy this would be the perfect thing. See she refuses most that … [Read more...]

Why Dogs Eat Poo

Dogs eat poo for any number of reasons. Some dogs will eat other dogs poo while others tend to go for kitty poo and still others will routinely eat their own poo. The most common reason for dogs to eat poop is that that like the smell. If a dog or cat is not properly digesting their food there … [Read more...]

Dog Weight Loss Study at Colorado State University Looking for Participants

  The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital is looking for overweight/obese dogs with no major health problems to participate in a clinical trial investigating  a new canine diet formulations. The new diet formulations in this study have been shown to have health benefits in … [Read more...]

Puppy Found Wandering Streets Drunk – Dogs and Alcohol

A British court has barred a man from having a dog for three years after his puppy was discovered drunk. The dog's owner Matthew Cox had been drinking vodka and coke with his roommate on Aug. 22 when he left his glass on the floor to go out to smoke a cigarette. When he got back inside he realized … [Read more...]

Scared to Clip Your Dogs Nails? Teach Your Dog to File Their Nails

For our second New Year's Resolution Post we discussed clipping your dogs nails regularly. Some dogs get overly stressed from seeing the clipper, sometimes a dog requires a helper to keep them still while you trim but there in no helper around, and sometimes you are just nervous to trim their nails … [Read more...]

Dog Dies After Medication Mix Up at Drugstore

  A family's 11-year-old dog was accidentally given the wrong prescription. The dog did not survive and the person accused of making that deadly mistake is a pharmacist from a national chain store. A catastrophic mix-up of medication is rare but it happened to Mugsy the Boxer this … [Read more...]

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