Puppy Found Wandering Streets Drunk – Dogs and Alcohol

Alcohol and dogs

A British court has barred a man from having a dog for three years after his puppy was discovered drunk. The dog’s owner Matthew Cox had been drinking vodka and coke with his roommate on Aug. 22 when he left his glass on the floor to go out to smoke a cigarette. When he got back inside he realized that Max the puppy had drunk the alcohol left in the cups. He then went out leaving the drunk puppy at home. Some how the puppy got out of the house (its not known if he left the puppy in the yard or locked in the house.) Either way its a good thing that the puppy got out and was wandering the streets. When the Police were called they took the puppy to an emergency vet, where it was put on a drip to flush the alcohol out of its system.

Accidents happen dogs smell something sweet or interesting and want to investigate. But once the owner saw the puppy had ingested the left over drinks it should have be brought directly to vet for treatment. The puppy has since been placed in a new home according to the judges decision.

Dogs and Alcohol
Even ingesting a small amount of a product containing alcohol can cause significant intoxication for dogs and puppies. Dogs may be exposed to alcohol through drinking alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine or mixed drinks (those with milk or fruit juices, like pretty looking mixed mixed drinks and holiday egg nog, are especially appealing to dogs). Alcohol-containing elixirs and syrups, and medications (some medications that are safe for dogs come in two varieties with alcohol and without always make sure to buy without.

Alcohol commonly causes vomiting, loss of coordination, disorientation and stupor in both dogs and puppies. In severe cases, coma, seizures and death may occur. Dogs showing mild signs of alcohol intoxication should be closely monitored, and dogs who are so inebriated that they can’t stand up should be monitored by a veterinarian until they recover.

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  1. Wow! Puppies are like children they need to be watched and cared for just like a child. I think it was a good thing they took the pup to a new home. Glad it all turned out well.

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