Animal Control Officer Fired But Allowed to Keep Dog

Joliet Township Animal Control

Bryan Jones was an animal control officer for 14 years in Joliet Township, Illinois. But as of last week he was fired for not listening to what his supervisor had to say about one dog in particular. A Little Chihuahua that was deemed aggressive because it didn’t like one of the Vet Techs that work with Animal Control. For Jones and his new dog though there is happy news to report today. It has been decided that even though he has been fired and will not be offered his job back because he took the dog home. He will be allowed to keep the Chihuahua because the Township along with its lawyers believe that Jones will give the dog a loving and caring home.

Jones decided to bring the dog home and refused to return it loosing his job because he felt that even though the dog was only aggressive around one person that is was not going to be allowed to be adopted and therefore euthanized. The vet tech administering the Euthanasia would have been the same one that this little dog was aggressive around and Jones did not feel that was right.

Jones, who has named the dog Chewy, was relieved when he heard the news. According to Jones Chewy has been doing really well in his home and not displaying any sort of aggression issues. Jones is sad that in order to give the dog a second chance at life that he had to loose his job but he feels optimistic about their future together.

Jones took the dog home with him on March 2 before he had had an extended vacation. On March 5, township Animal Control Director Sarah Gimbel sent Jones a text asking if he had the Chihuahua. Jones wrote that he did. Jones kept the dog that week while he was off work. On March 9, Gimbel called Jones and told him to bring the dog back. At that time Jones said he wanted to adopt the dog but was told he could not because it was not cleared for adoption and probably would not ever be cleared because it had been labeled aggressive.

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