Gorham NY Puppy Mill Put On Hold By Lawmakers

After more then a month of back and forth discussion and debate not only in this small town but across the US the Gorham Town Board voted unanimously Wednesday night to adopt a one year moratorium on new dog breeding and dog kennel facilities. This is a huge win for those would do not want a Puppy … [Read more...]

150 Dogs Rescued from North Carolina Puppy Mill

The tip that had local police and the Humane Society at the door of the Stokes County kennel facility on Tuesday was from local Animal control officers. Animal Control alerted the police after the "breeder" surrendered 11 dogs in poor condition to an animal rescue group in Stokes County. On Tuesday, … [Read more...]

Breaking News: Puppy Mill Bust in North Carolina

Stokes County Sheriff's deputies and local animal rights activists responded to a tip of an alleged puppy mill in Danbury, North Carolina this afternoon. The tipster said that there were hundreds of small dogs being kept on a private property in horrible conditions. The Humane Society secured the … [Read more...]

Puppy Mill Action Week: Christmas Press Release from a Mill Owner

I found this letter many, many years ago online somewhere and kept it knowing that someday it would be a great educational tool. The letter might seem completely out of control and that this in no way is possible actually the only untrue thing in this letter is that I have never heard of the biggest … [Read more...]

Puppy Mill Action Week: Keep Cruelty Off of Your Holiday Shopping List

In your visits to the mall this holiday season many of you will walk by those puppies in the window you see those sad eyes looking out at you so you stop in to visit with the puppies. Somehow you walk out the door with your brand new tiny purchase. Sure the fluffy little puppy is cute and it was no … [Read more...]

100,000 Back Petition to Get Ebay to Stop Selling Animals via Classifieds / Pet Bloggers Blog Hop

E-bay might not allow the sale of live animals through their auction section but they do allow the sale of live animals through their Classified Section. Either way selling animals this way is not ok. It was my understanding that E-bay would not allow the sale of any live animal on their site … [Read more...]

Puppy Mill Bust is DeJa Vu for Rescuers

Photo Courtesy of Animal Rescue CorpsHSUS in conjunction with the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake and United Animal Nations assisted the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of 542 animals from a 10-acre property in Kaufman County, Texas in August of 2009. At that time, the dogs were … [Read more...]

Difference Between a Puppy Mill and Back Yard Breeder

A Back Yard Breeder is someone who has a few pets and decides they can make a few bucks by breeding their dogs together without regard for genetic health, conformation to breed standard, relationship of the two dogs, or where the dogs came from and if they are even of the same breed.They breed … [Read more...]

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