Puppy Mill Action Week: Christmas Press Release from a Mill Owner

I found this letter many, many years ago online somewhere and kept it knowing that someday it would be a great educational tool. The letter might seem completely out of control and that this in no way is possible actually the only untrue thing in this letter is that I have never heard of the biggest mills opening their doors for the public to come and pick out puppies. The puppies are all sold wholesale to puppy dealers who have then shipped all over the country to pet stores near you. Oh and don’t be fooled by a Pet Store telling you they only ship their puppies in from Europe to make them seem more fancy or so they can charge a much higher price. In Europe these mass puppy producing locations are called Puppy Farms and are just as bad as the Puppy Mills of the US.

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  1. I’m not a fan of this kind of “make people feel bad” attempts at promoting animal welfare. It has no effect on the people who ought to feel bad, and is all too likely to offend and alienate the very people you want to reach, the potential puppy buyers who might be reached by a kinder and more respectful approach.

    If you don’t believe in punishment-based training is effective or humane for dogs, why would you use it on humans?

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