Breaking News: Puppy Mill Bust in North Carolina

Stop Puppy Mills

Stokes County Sheriff’s deputies and local animal rights activists responded to a tip of an alleged puppy mill in Danbury, North Carolina this afternoon. The tipster said that there were hundreds of small dogs being kept on a private property in horrible conditions. The Humane Society secured the scene and started removing dogs from the property.

As soon as more information about this Puppy Mill Bust becomes available we will share it with you. Right now we do not know the condition of the dogs or the kennel facility but it must have been bad if they are removing the dogs and puppies found there after a first visit.

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  1. I am glad there is one less out there

    Bloggity Blog Stopping by from the Hop on Helicopter mom!

  2. Such a shame. I had a post on FB today ( but haven’t read it yet) about a large breeding company (puppy mill) given the go ahead in N Y. I will have to go back and read the article, I briefly skimmed the articl and read the owner had been sited previously for the conditions the dogs were kept. Somewhere in e article it stated 350+ dogs and many liters of pups.

  3. Benny & Lily says

    Thank goodness they found that joint
    Benny & Lily

  4. L. D. pegram Boyle says

    Glad for the tip and this puppy mill was found. Just goes to show this is all for the love of money and the animals suffer in this abuse. All the puppy mills need to be busted into! Too much abuse in this world!

  5. There are so many puppy mills that have been busted here in NC…I don’t understand it!

  6. The poor things. It’s so sad. I’m glad they saved some more puppies.

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