Puppy Mill Bust is DeJa Vu for Rescuers

Photo Courtesy of Animal Rescue Corps

HSUS in conjunction with the Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake and United Animal Nations assisted the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office in the rescue of 542 animals from a 10-acre property in Kaufman County, Texas in August of 2009. At that time, the dogs were found to be living in deplorable conditions mats all over their bodies, mammary tumors, pregnant with puppies when they were old and infirm, malnourished, suffering from eye infections, broken bones, and covered in their own feces all of which is visible in the video below so Klassic Kennels’ owners lost custody of them. The dogs transported to local shelters and rescue groups for foster care and eventually adoption. Margaret and James Boyd owners of Klassic Kennels’ were charged with and convicted of cruelty to animals and somehow were given permission to own up to two dogs, both of which were to be spayed or neutered. How they could have been allowed to own any animal after their cruelty conviction on 542 dogs is not excusable. It happened which obviously opened the door for them to bring in more and more dogs until they were busted again this week for running a puppy mill and once again are being charged with Animal Cruelty.

Animal Rescue Corps assisted the Kaufman County Sheriff in the rescue of approximately 50 dogs from the same property earlier this week. According to the ARC press release, rescuers found “Chihuahuas, Malteses, Miniature Schnauzers and four litters of puppies less than a month old living in urine-soaked, feces-laden enclosures with high-levels of ammonia. Many of the dogs had no access to food or water and were suffering from malnutrition, hair loss and severe matting.”

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  1. I want to puke. Why were these people allowed to own a dog at all? I saw the note about the bust in my e-mail, but hadn't had a chance to read it. When will we stop treating these people with kid gloves. Augh!

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